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7 Ways to Break a Fitness Plateau

We exercise for various reasons, like gaining strength or losing weight. During our journey, it is inevitable that we will hit a plateau and stop noticing results. One reason is that your body is capable of adapting to your workout routine, making it more efficient to perform your regular exercises. The good news, you can apply various strategies to continuously make progress and achieve your goals. To give you a better idea, here are ways to break a fitness plateau.


If you’re doing the same exercises regularly, your body will eventually adapt to your routine. But, don’t fret. Making simple changes can make a difference. One, in particular, is adding some intensity to your movements. For example, people who prefer running at a steady pace can try sprinting to challenge your body. In fact, high-intensity exercises, like sprinting, is among the best fat-burning exercises you can do for a short period of time.

Aside from increasing the intensity, changing the number of sets and reps is another excellent method to continuously notice results. Furthermore, switching the order of your exercises will also prevent your body from adapting to your usual workout routine.


One of the most effective ways to break a fitness plateau is to regularly change your exercises, preferably every four to six weeks. For example, if you are trying to get a perky butt, there are various glute exercises you can add to your workout program. For the first four weeks, you can do bodyweight squats then shift to a more challenging type of squats, like sumo or single leg squat. After some time, you can also add some weights. Goblet and barbell squats are among the best exercises that can stimulate your glute muscles.


Today, you can find various fitness programs that merge two or more types of exercises. A common example is circuit training, which is a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises. You can also try barre workouts, a dance fitness class that combines yoga and strength training. Basically, your fitness routine is not only limited to yoga, weightlifting, jogging, or using gym machines. You can try several training styles to prevent boredom and keep your body challenged.


Aside from those ways to break a fitness plateau, exercising outdoors can also add variety into your fitness routine. In fact, always training in the gym or at home can feel a bit monotonous. So, if the weather is hot, you can try swimming or water aerobics. Hiking is also a great way to burn a ton of calories and enjoy nature at the same time. The best part is that doing outdoor activities can also help prevent stagnant results.


Another valuable tip you can do to avoid a fitness plateau is to do soft tissue work, such as foam rolling or getting a massage therapy. These activities will not only help relieve your muscle soreness. Soft tissue work can also improve your blood flow and speed up your healing process. Thus, doing some foam rolling exercises before and after a workout can help ensure that your performance is at its peak, leading to continuous and noticeable results.


If you’re working out regularly and not seeing any results, there’s a possibility that you’re not eating enough. This is especially true when you’re cutting down your calorie intake to shed some extra pounds. Keep in mind that eating the right kind of pre and post-workout foods will help fuel and heal your body. Furthermore, if your energy levels are constantly low, your body is requesting for more fuel or food.


Finally, the last tip in this list of ways to break a fitness plateau is to get enough rest. Some of us think that exercising every day will yield fast results. However, overtraining will not only lead to an injury and lack of energy. It may also halt your progress. Remember, your body needs enough time to heal itself, especially after a vigorous workout. So, a rest day is an essential part of any workout program. During this day, you can get a massage or do self-care activities.

Overall, doing the same exercises can lead to a fitness plateau. Instead, make a few changes in your workout routine or try something new. Doing this will not only excite and challenge your body but help you achieve your fitness goals as well.


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