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Peace in the World Starts with Peace in Our Hearts

Mahlagha Jaberi for VIVA GLAM Winter 2022/2023 Issue

When I got the idea to start VIVA GLAM Magazine in 2012, I had a specific role model in mind of who I wanted to represent the brand. She was physically beautiful with an even more beautiful mind and soul. She was compassionate and empathic with peace in her heart. As this year marks VIVA GLAM’s 10-year anniversary, I am proud to highlight the epitome of this vision, supermodel Mahlagha Jaberi.

Mahlagha is kind, humble, and classy, amongst other qualities she poses. She is protective of her privacy and prefers to speak to you through her photos. But there’s one thing in particular which lights up her inner fire and pushes her to get louder these days. It’s her passion for human rights, both globally and more specifically for her homeland of Iran.

In this exclusive interview, Mahlagha talks about her mission and her hopes, and she also shares something that she has never shared with anyone before.

To view the full VIVA GLAM Winter 2022/2023 issue and for more photos of Mahlagha go HERE!

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Photography: Arezoo Jalali, Hair: Riri Roya, Makeup: Kseniya Bernkhardt, Flower design: Flowers by Sabour

Interview by Katarina Van Derham, Edit by Malorie Mackey

1) Mahlagha, on one of your pages, you state that you are active on social media to be an inspiration to others and to share your travel experiences to those who can’t travel themselves. How many places do you think you have visited thus far?

I have visited fourteen countries and countless cities within each country. I look forward to visiting more magnificent places around the world. My visits have included the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Iran, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA. 

2) Which destination has been your favorite, and why did it grab your heart?

Every country has its own unique beauty, but the most beautiful and magical place is Italy. I love the culture and the amazing food.

3) Which destination do you feel you never have to go back to and why? 

It is sad and unfortunate, but it is a reality that I can’t go back to my homeland of Iran. It is not a safe place to live in or to visit. 

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Photography: Arezoo Jalali, Hair: Riri Roya, Makeup: Kseniya Bernkhardt, Flower design: Flowers by Sabour

4) Currently, the world is full of unrest. From what we know about you, you deeply internalize both the good and the bad. How has the global hardship, as a whole, affected your attitude?

It has deeply affected me emotionally and mentally, almost to an inactive and paralyzing state. It is difficult to stay focused, be happy, celebrate holidays or to accomplish any personal or work tasks. Despite my somber mood, I know that I must stay strong for the women, men, and children that are suffering and fighting in Iran. I need to support them in any way that I can, especially by raising global awareness. It is important that the international community stands in solidarity and does not allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to evade the consequences of their killing and torturing of innocent lives. The regime’s oppressive control and actions cannot be forgotten, and they need to be accountable and punished. 

5) Mahsa Amini – The protests in Iran are both heartbreaking and inspiring. What are your hopes for their outcome?

I hope for the women of Iran to be liberated. I hope there will be freedom, justice, and democracy for my people. I hope for new progressive leadership to implement laws that introduce flexible controls, lessens restrictions, respects choice, and uplifts the people. I hope Iran will be restored back to the beautiful, proud, and strong country that she used to be.

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Photography: Arezoo Jalali, Dress: Kiki Wang, Hair: Riri Roya, Makeup: Kseniya Bernkhardt, Flower design: Flowers by Sabour

6) In your interview for, you state that you’re a very private person. What is one thing you can reveal about yourself that people don’t already know that you don’t mind sharing?

People might not know that I was born and raised in Iran until the age of 18. I never shared that with others because as a proud Iranian, I was ashamed that the Islamic Republic of Iran had controlled the country and weakened it down to destruction. Iran has become one of the most hated countries in the world ever since the Mullahs took over. I wanted no association with the regime.  Since September 16th, 2022, the tragic death of Mahsa Jani Amini ignited a transformative national movement. To watch thousands of brave women defy the authoritative Iranian government to stand-up for basic human rights has been emotional and inspiring. I’ve never been so proud to be an Iranian woman, and seeing my courageous people fight against the regime validates that I am not alone, that countless Iranians echo my sentiments. 

7) I saw your NFT. I must admit, I was tempted to buy it, as it is one of the most beautiful NFTs I have seen yet. Being a fan of classic art how do you feel about NFT art, in general?

Thank you for your kind words. When I first learned about NFT art, it was a very different concept, a unique system for investing in digital art and the ability to support the artists and become one of their patrons. But I, personally, prefer to collect physical art, where I can touch and feel the work. 

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Photography: Arezoo Jalali, Hair: Riri Roya, Makeup: Kseniya Bernkhardt, Flower design: Flowers by Sabour

8) Have you purchased any NFTs yourself?

I have not. I am waiting to purchase content that I am passionate about, that emotionally moves me. 

9) You have a large platform. Your Instagram, alone, has over 4 million followers. How do you plan to use this platform in the future?

I want to use my platform to speak openly and truthfully on important subject matters. To be the voice that provides support, hope, and unity; a voice to create a better world. 

10) If you had one wish, what it would be?

Peace in the world, where there is respect for human rights, protection for the people and freedom for individuals and nations, characterized by justice and goodwill. To achieve this peace, we must have a calm and tranquil mind. It all starts with peace in our hearts. 

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Photography: Arezoo Jalali, Dress: Kiki Wang, Hair: Riri Roya, Makeup: Kseniya Bernkhardt
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