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Why Strength Training is the Key to the Perfect Curves

The days of aerobics, tiny pink dumbbells and leotards are long gone. More women are strength training now than ever before. But there are still some misconceptions associated with training this way, and many women get it wrong. They have a ton of concerns about lifting heavy weights.

If you start training with weights, you’re not going to wake up one morning looking like a pro bodybuilder all of a sudden. This is a common myth that needs to be dismissed right away. Only by pushing yourself and lifting heavy are you likely to get a significant training effect.

Training with Heavy Weights

Moving a tiny dumbbell up and down isn’t going to get you a sexy, lean and fit body. Only lifting hard and heavy on a consistent basis will improve your physique. You’ll get the best aesthetic results if you train heavy with the right exercises. Here are a few reasons why strength training is the best way to get those perfect curves.

It Will Lead to Body Fat Loss

We all know that the primary purpose of weight training is to build muscle. A positive offshoot of muscle building is an increase in metabolism. With the addition of lean muscle mass, your metabolism also works faster. This means that you will burn more calories all day long. For each pound of lean muscle gained, you’ll burn up to 5o more calories per day.

It Will Help You Gain Strength Without Bulking

Possibly the most common reason why women avoid weight training is that they are worried about “bulking” up. This is physically impossible since women have 10 to 30 times less testosterone than men. So, they will have a much harder time gaining size from lifting weights- they simply don’t have
the testosterone levels to build muscle like men. Instead, women develop bombshell curves, strength, and muscle definition.

It Will Allow You to Change Your Body Shape

While it’s true that your genes predominantly determine the shape of your body, strength training can definitely help. Not only will it slim you down but building muscle in certain areas can give you curves like never before. Strength training can also help you avoid the weight gain that comes with age.

By training regularly and keeping your diet clean, you can burn fat and get the curves you’ve always wanted. So, hit the gym and start building a lean and sexy body!


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