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The Effects of Arts & Crafts on Seniors

As we retire and grow older, it is quite possible that we completely lose our sense of purpose. Not in every case, but many people require working, creating, and/or managing projects to provide their life with a sense of purpose. Others based their life around creating a perfect home and may be forced to leave it to move to a retirement community. Seniors are facing problems most of us wouldn’t understand on a daily basis. Many know how to cope with it, but these stressors can be much harder on others. One thing that has been proven in recent studies is that arts and crafts help to give purpose and, therefore, happiness to the elderly.

In 2016, Professor Peishan Yang provided results from his study on this subject, and he claimed that his participants who took on art had decreased depression, were less lonely, had higher morale, and had better dexterity. Here are just a few ways in which participating in arts and crafts has helped seniors.

Relieves Depression

As mentioned above, seniors can face a world of emotions and problems that we don’t even know about, especially if they have been moved to an assisted living facility. Encouraging the elderly to participate in arts and crafts can help relieve the depression by giving them something fun to do- a hobby. Having a hobby can help to get their minds off their worries, decrease anxiety, and help to provide relaxation. It releases boredom, which can easily create uncomfortable thoughts.

Encourages Playfulness

Many arts and crafts activities can be done in a group setting, and many senior centers offer arts and crafts classes. This is a great environment to socialize and have fun. It allows seniors to connect with their inner child and do something fun while getting to be around others. Many adults are averse to playing or using the world “playing” because they don’t want to come off childish. But this is so silly! Playing increases happiness and beats depression!

Gives Purpose/Feelings of Control

As mentioned above, many seniors may feel as if they are losing control of their lives as they get older. Their families begin to see them as incapable and may try to take some of their freedoms away. While they may not have total control of their life anymore. They can have total control of their art. It can help them with feeling helpless and provide them with a purpose. Having control over something immediately gives many a purpose.

Improves Cognition

Participating in arts and crafts utilizes your brain functions, helping to improve cognition. Art is a workout for your brain, basically. It can help keep them present and motivated.

All in all, arts and crafts are a very healthy tool for seniors. As you can see, the benefits of arts and crafts for seniors are numerous.


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