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Things you must know before you go to a Yoga Class!!! Yoga 101

Things you must know before you go to a Yoga Class!!! Yoga 101

There are certain rules or guide lines one should follow before going to a yoga class. Here are some of my favorites that I wish I knew when I first started.

You should ideally practice on an empty stomach so don’t eat at least two hours before class. Drink plenty of fluids prior to class to stay hydrated. I prefer to drink before and after class not during because once I’m in class I am trying to heat up my body and drinking water in between actually cools my body off. If the heat bothers you then definitely bring water to class. It is best to shower before class and don’t apply lotion because it can cause you to slip on your mat once you start sweating. I also advice from any strong perfumes to prevent from offending anyone. Also bring a towel to wipe your sweat off.

Most yoga schools have cubbies to put your shoes in right when you walk in. Whatever you do do not wear your shoes into the classroom. Once you are in the class room you can find a spot to lay your mat.The position of your mat depends on what kind of yoga you are taking. For instance
Iyengar and Ashtanga place the mats facing each other but in most Hatha or Vinyasa classes you face the front of the room, where the teacher is. If the class is full make sure you stagger your mat with the people on either side of you to prevent hitting each other. Before class starts grab your props…a blanket,strap,and a block. There are other props ,as in a bolster but the teacher will usually specify if you need that or more than one of the others. Stack your props to the right or left of you keeping your things tidy so that you not in anyone else’s space.You can also place your drink here if you choose too. It is best to have your hair tidy and sit quietly showing respect for your practice.

If you have any injuries or ailments you think the teacher should know then walk over before class and tell him or her .

The teacher will guide you through the class but if ever it is too much you can always relax in child’s pose(Sitting on your heels you let your forehead rest on the ground or block)

Some yoga teachers like to start or end class with an Om sound.This is not your time to belt out a solo.You should be audible to your neighbors on either side of you and vice versa.

In all, yoga teaches us to be conscious and aware. Having respect for your practice and your fellow yogis is yoga in itself.

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