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Weird World Adventures by Malorie Mackey Shows You Our Strange World in a Different Way


We can never say it enough, but we sure do live in a weird world, don’t we? Think about it. With some of the biggest tourist attractions drawing people in being paranormal, such as the Winchester Mystery House and the Whaley House, and some of the largest blockbusters consisting of stories based on the lives of real hauntings, such as the Conjuring series being based on the Warrens, our world is pretty out there. But some of us love the unusual. In fact, our very own Malorie Mackey has created a new show that will feature some exceptionally interesting places. We are proud to introduce you to Weird World Adventures.

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Weird World Adventures with Malorie Mackey / Photo by Dan Peterson

Weird World Adventures shows you this weird world in a different way. The strangest and dorkiest regions of the world will get brought to the screens of the everyday American who may be too afraid to or unable to see them for themselves. This 22-minute episodic will showcase the oddities and bizarre hobbies of the world, providing you with travel inspiration to non-mainstream locations. It will also be celebrating weird people living weird lives. Come with Malorie as she introduces you this weird world of ours.

Since this new strange travel and adventure show was created by and will be hosted by one of our own, we decided to sit down with Malorie to talk all about the show, its guests, and her life traveling the globe.

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Malorie Mackey / Photo by Steven Gibbs

Malorie, congratulations on your show! Weird World Adventures will feature travel across the globe to some of the most exceptional locations. Before we discuss that, let us discuss your past. You have a history with travel, right? Can you talk about your past experiences in travel?

Absolutely! I have been branding myself for years in the travel industry. I actually didn’t travel out of the country until I was 20 years old. At that time, I studied theatre for a month in Serbia, and it was such an eye-opening, liberating experience. In fact, I loved it so much that as soon as I got back, I planned a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Since then, thanks to my work with VIVA GLAM, as well as my love for planning frequent bizarre vacations for myself, I found out how much I love obscure locations. Some of my favorite locations that I’ve been to consist of Finnish Lapland, which was an arctic wonderland, Hidalgo, Mexico, which was a tropic jungle, and the lush countryside of Ireland. Over the last few years, I started an online travel blog and use my Instagram to provide travel facts and inspiration. With the start of my travel hosting career, I have been collecting new skills related to travel, as well, by volunteering with the nonprofit Earthwatch. Last year, I volunteered on an archaeological dig in Cambodia, and next year I will be helping with penguin research in South Africa.

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Malorie on an Archaeological Dig at Prasat Basaet in Battambang, Cambodia

Why do you feel it is important to showcase bizarre, weird, and/or generally non-mainstream locations?

In the world of travel, everyone focuses on the mainstream resorts and getaways. In fact, when you say “vacation”, people usually immediately think of a beach. Almost no one thinks outside of the box and challenges their mind. When we are given an “easy cut and paste” experience, as most inclusive resorts provide, we don’t stimulate our minds. I want to see things I haven’t seen before-and maybe many others haven’t. I want to experience things that are out of this world, even if that means figuring out how to get myself from point A to point B without help. And, frankly, I’ve always just loved weird stuff and the paranormal. And as I’m getting to showcase these locations, the more I’m finding that there is a huge market for them.

The experiences I’ve been on that have been the most challenging-such as when I got really sick in Finland or got drenched in sweat every day at an archaeological dig in Cambodia– those are the real memories that stick with me. Those are real life adventures. No one ever goes to the same beach they always do and says, “What an adventure!” To me, adventure exists in the unknown.

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Malorie with the Real Annabelle Doll in the Pilot Episode of Weird World Adventures

What’s the strangest place you’ve visited thus far?

While filming the pilot episode of Weird World Adventures, I visited this park attraction called ‘Dinosaur Kingdom II’. Artist Mark Cline created a theme park that depicts what would have happened if the North used dinosaur warfare against the South during the Civil War. And, of course, the dinosaurs are not controllable and destroy the northern soldiers. And it is a trip! Mark is so creative, and I have never in my life visited anything like his park. Needless to say, that was one super strange place, but it sure was a lot of fun, too.

The other experience that may not have been the strangest but was the most surreal also came from filming our pilot episode of Weird World Adventures. I was lucky enough to meet the real Annabelle doll that inspired the hit movies. She resides in the Warren’s Occult Museum. Just seeing the Warren’s haunted treasures and meeting Annabelle and the NESPR team was such a strange and surreal experience that I will cherish forever.

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Malorie at Grutas Tolantongo in Hidalgo, Mexico

Where is your favorite place to visit?

I have so many favorite places. Every place has its own unique beauty. It really depends on what I’m looking for in a trip. Ireland is my favorite location for a mystical adventure. Finland is my favorite place for a unique, serene getaway. Saint Paul de Vence is my favorite place to get that small-town, medieval feel. There was this little hidden art structure within the mountains in Xilitla, Mexico called Las Pozas, and that was my favorite place to get creative inspiration and play. I really do love so many places. Picking one would be like picking my favorite star in the sky.

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Malorie at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finnish Lapland

Which country do you currently want to visit the most?

Romania! Right now, I really want to visit Transylvania (in Romania). I’m sure it’s just because of how much I love Gothic Horror and, of course, the unusual, but I really want to visit Bran Castle and Bucharest. Also, for Weird World Adventures, I’m dying to experience the Ma’Nene celebration in Sulawesi, Indonesia. I’ll wait for you to see that one on the show, as it will hopefully be on an upcoming episode of Weird World Adventures. So, keep an eye out for it!

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Malorie at the Cave of Muntis in Nuyu

What can readers expect to see on Weird World Adventures season 1 and what is to come after?

Season 1 of Weird World Adventures is going to be incredible. I am floored at the variety of amazing places that have allowed us to feature them on our show. In the pilot episode alone, we visited the Winchester Mystery House, the Whaley House, The Monroe Institute, Dinosaur Kingdom II, and the Warren’s Occult Museum. They are all diverse places that each bring something truly special.

We really got every location we were hoping for in season 1 thus far. I can’t say much about it yet, but I can tell you that it will be a very exciting season. We feature some pretty cool natural phenomenon and haunted locations. Bunnyhenge makes an appearance! Plus we showcase some obscure things that everyone should know about. It is going to be a wild season full of adventure! I can’t wait for you all to see it!

As for what’s next, during this experience I have been and will continue to work on my second book, a travel book covering the most surreal places around the world. It will also feature my travel tips and suggestions.

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Malorie at the Winchester Mystery House in the Pilot Episode of Weird World Adventures

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your show?

Yes, I definitely want to thank Vidi Space/Qosm for helping to get my show off the ground, as well as my team at Fantasy Forge Films.

I’ll leave you with this: Weird World Adventures uses the term “weird” in an endearing way. I’ve always been a proud “weirdo”, and I love to feature others who think outside the box like I do. We will happily celebrate weird people living weird lives in weird locations, as that’s my passion behind the show. I hope you will all watch Weird World Adventures once it’s live!


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