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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort: The Perfect Winter Wonderland

Get Lost in a Sea of Snow at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Hidden up in the Arctic Circle in the middle of Finnish Lapland, you will find the resort that you have to see to believe. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, commonly referred to as “Santa’s Resort” is currently the only resort that allows you to sleep under the night sky in glass igloos to experience the Northern Lights.

Kakslauttanen was created by Jussi Eiramo in 1974 after he fell in love with the beautiful nature of Lapland, having gotten stranded there when he ran out of fuel. Kakslauttanen started as a cafe to feed travelers heading to North Cape before growing, little by little, into the gorgeous resort that it is today. Jussi’s love and feeling of home at Kakslauttanen translates through to all of the guests as they experience these once-in-a-lifetime accommodations.

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The Kelo-Glass Igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland

The Accommodations at Kakslauttanen

Glass Igloos

I was lucky enough to journey up to the top of Finland to experience this “new world” for myself. I spent my first night in a glass igloo, wanting to experience this social media sensation. The glass igloos come in two sizes: small and large. While the small igloos aren’t equipped with their own showers, they do have a restroom. Saunas and showers are available for igloo guests a short distance away from the igloo village. The large igloos have showers in them. Being just my husband and myself on my trip, we booked a small igloo. It was the perfect size, as it had just enough walking room. It was the best location to snuggle up under the glass ceiling to watch the stars. The beds were adjustable, and the room had a warm water machine to make hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. Though it was cloudy and snowing during our whole visit (so we only got to see one instance of the Northern Lights), the experience was still magical without the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky. Watching the snow come down from the warmth of our igloo was a very unique experience.

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The Glass Igloo Village in the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort West Village

Kelo-Glass Igloos

For the second night of our journey, we stayed in a kelo-glass igloo. The kelo-glass igloos are warm, spacious cabins made from kelo wood with a glass bedroom extending out of the cabin. These glass bedrooms are dome-shaped like the igloos. The purpose of the kelo igloos is to give you the warmth and space of the cabins while giving you the bedroom of the igloo so you can watch the sky. It was a little harder to see the sky in our kelo igloo, as there are more trees surrounding the kelo village, but the comfort of both accommodations was a real joy. Plus, the kelo igloos have a functioning kitchen, your own personal sauna, and a full shower and bathroom so you can lock yourself in the warmth and not have to leave. For a full family, the kelo igloos seem to be the best accommodation.

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The Interior of a Kelo-Glass Igloo at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland

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