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Nailing It While Abroad!

If you’re like me, getting a mani and pedi is a part of your pre-trip beauty regimen.

Your nails definitely deserve some attention before a trip. Whether you’re doing it yourself or heading to the nail salon, a mani and pedi is a must do before hitting the road.  Chances are you could find a nail salon when you arrive at your destination, but let’s be honest, who actually wants to be fussing with their nails while vacationing?  Wouldn’t you rather spend your valuable and much-earned vacation time dining, sightseeing, having adventures and indulging your wanderlust?

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My advice? Always put your best self forward. Manicures and pedicures are simple but have a way of making you feel better about yourself! A few days prior to a vacation, up the ante! Pamper your nails and give them some extra love. If your destination is somewhere sunny and glorious, get that pedicure to compliment your strappy heels; Gentlemen, nothing says ‘I care about my appearance’ more than your pedicured feet; trust me, we pay attention to these details! Quite literally, always put your best foot forward.

While you know you won’t be washing dishes or cleaning, dealing with luggage, packing and unpacking, moving heavy items, and unzipping and zipping can play a number on your nails during vacation.

My solution to keeping your nails looking glossy, gorgeous and immaculate is to get a hard gel overlay and gel polish. Your nails will be perfect for up to 3 weeks with no peeling, chipping or cracking- only some nail growth.  I can’t tell you the last time I broke a nail. This hard gel overlay has kept my nails strong and allowed my nails to grow longer. The hard gel is key.

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I always head over to my favorite nail pro, Doris Frida, for my nail needs (@fridanailsofficial). She is super kind and patient and will advise the best plan for your nails. From color, shape, design, and style; she’s literally the nail guru! She’s based in LA at a nail salon in Beverly Hills called Polish, and she will do private house calls, too. Her pricing starts at $55 for this type of manicure service.

The process begins with prepping your nails followed by a layer of hard gel. Your nails are then buffed smooth, filed to a desired shape, and then a couple coats of gel polish are applied. Doris then “cures” your nails under a UV lamp for approximately 7 minutes, and voila! Strong, sexy nails that will endure whatever your adventures throw at you.

Doris says, “Hard gel is preferable, mainly because of its flexibility and strength in comparison to acrylic nails. Also, in comparison to acrylic nails, hard gel can withstand greater pressure and is less likely to crack or break or cause trauma to your nails in case of an accident!”

My friends that have gotten acrylic nails often complain about a broken nail after literally having had a manicure a few days prior. Hard gel just doesn’t crack.

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The removal process for hard gel can simply be taken off by an electric file which buffs away gel polish and hard gel. I suggest having your nail technician do this.

With the combination of the hard gel overlay and gel polish, your mani may very well outlive your vacation!

My all-time favorite go to colors are red (which goes with everything, is professional, festive and an overall happy everyday color) and light neutral colors such as nudes, light pinks and French manicures. They won’t be as noticeable as your nails start to grow, unlike darker colors and shades. 

While there are many options for your nails from doing it yourself or spending the money to have them professionally done, having picture perfect nails always adds that extra touch of glamour to your vacation.

Ladies include the males in your life during your nail care activities. Who doesn’t love a man with nicely groomed hands and feet? No one likes jungle feet and rough fingers nails.

Important Note: Health Warning

It is still unknown whether there are specific health risks associated with hard gel and gel polish. Some women have experienced the weakening of their nails and other damage from frequent use.  There are also uncertainties about the exposure to UV light causing cancer. I have heard some ladies wear sunscreen on the hands during this part of the manicure. My hands look healthy, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to put on some sunscreen.


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