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5 Hidden Destinations in Mexico for the Adventure Lover

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These Bucket-List Locations in Mexico are Perfect for those Looking for an Adventurous Getaway

When you think about getting away to Mexico, Cabo, Cancun, and other tourist-filled places often first come into your mind. However, there are many hidden gems deep within central Mexico that most people will never think about seeing. We encourage you to open your mind, grab your adventurous spirit, and travel to these five amazing hidden destinations in the heart of Mexico.

The Surrealist Garden of Edward James

Hidden near the village of Xilitla in San Luis Potosi, you will find “Las Pozas,” the Surrealist Garden of Edward James. Edward James was a British poet known mostly for his patronage of the “Surrealist” art movement. Having found a perfect site in the rich jungles of San Luis Potosi, he created a vast playground of sculptures, and they are a must-see.

When visiting “Las Pozas,” you will find tree-house like sculptures and staircases going up into the canopy of trees. Each sculpture has a very surreal feel to it. The most famous of the pieces is “The Staircase to Heaven.”

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