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A Girl’s Guide to Glamping

I’m sure it’s about time for you to take a nice break. A getaway really goes a long way, especially this year where the times have been difficult to say the least. But since 2020 has been such a challenge, it’s important to point out that there are travel bans placed almost everywhere. So, if you need a getaway to relieve some stress, you really must find a nice place near your home for now. So, why not consider glamping?

Glamping is, perhaps, the most soothing and fulfilling way to deal with this pandemic. It combines the freedom and natural aspects of camping with the comforts of staying in a hotel. Here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, we prefer glamping to camping because, with glamping, we get a shower, a toilet, a comfy bed, and air conditioning and/or heating. Yet, we can still walk outside of our cabin or caravan into the beauty of nature and fresh air within just a few feet of our setup.

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Where to Go Glamping

Glamping is typically done in cute designer cabins or luxury-style yurts. (Think of a hotel room but directly on the ground instead of in a building with many other rooms.) Glamping is generally separated from camping because the amenities will have running water, air conditioning, and toilets. Whether in a cute cabin or a hip yurt, you feel safer and less dirty glamping than you do full-on camping. Camping usually requires you to spend most of your time outside where you sleep in a cabin that doesn’t offer any amenities or just on a sleeping bag in a tent. Generally, to camp, you need your sleeping bag. For glamping, bedding will be provided. A quick google search of “Glamping” + “your area” will provide you with the best glamping results near you.

There have been two epic glamp locations that I have visited in my time traveling, both of which are worth mentioning. The first was at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. In Kakslauttanen, we glamped in a small yet comfortable igloo made of glass. This glass igloo had comfortable beds and a toilet, yet it was small and close to nature. The beauty of the arctic and northern lights immediately surrounded us while we glamped in the igloo.

The other location, which is something you should really consider right now if you’re in Los Angeles, is Caravan Outpost. Spending time glamping in a stylish caravan is, perhaps, the perfect way to getaway this fall. If you are in Los Angeles, Caravan Outpost is conveniently quite close to you, located just a little more than an hour away up in Ojai. Though the surrounding area is a fully built town (so you can go out and go shopping or grab your Starbucks!), Caravan Outpost is tucked away in a pocket of tropical foliage. Ten caravans and one cute little cabin are all placed around a common area filled with rocks, greenery, and natural beauty. Since the caravans come equipped with full beds, a toilet, a shower, and a kitchen, it’s the perfect way to camp while having all of your needs met. While I was staying there, I felt in touch with nature while still feeling safe and cozy. Caravans are absolutely a great and comfortable way to glamp, so think about renting one!

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What to Pack for You Glamping Adventure

Since glamping involves more than your average night in a tent, you can bring more luxury with you. Definitely think about brining your laptop and phone charger if you’re trying to stay connected; if not, leave them behind! You can also bring your styling tools, as most glamp-sites provide you with plenty of wall outlets. Bring snacks and food items with you on your stay as many glamp sites have refrigerators and full kitchens. You see, when glamping, you can usually store food without worrying about bears and hungry animals- something you don’t always get with camping. Pack reading materials, fun things to work on, and anything else you’d like to bring to keep yourself entertained. But, like with camping, try to keep your packing down as much as possible. The point is usually to connect with nature, so try to do that as much as you can and leave as many distractions as possible at home.

What to Wear When Glamping

When glamping, the odds are that you are trying to get away and relax. So, dress for it! Think about bringing two types of outfits while condensing your packing as much as possible: Stylish outfits for pictures and the most relaxing clothing you can move in. You definitely want to bring nice walking shoes, too. And bring a few photo-worthy looks. Focus a day on getting photos so you can relax the other few days.

While relaxing, we recommend wearing a snug pair of leggings (after all, they are the most comfortable pants) with cute, cozy socks. You want to be able to breath as much as possible in your looks while also still looking fashionable, so we recommend picking up leggings and cute socks from No nonsense!

These leggings from No nonsense are thick and warm for those late nights in the cool air when you sit by the fire. Yet, they are still breathable if the temperatures stay warm at your glampsite. They also have a stylish pocket for your cell phone. These leggings are the best choice for glamping, as they can be worn with both your cute, photo-worthy looks and with your relaxing clothes. They transition perfectly.

In fact, these leggings can easily transition from day to night, too. And be sure to pack a comfortable sweatshirt if you get chilly easily. You can sleep in them in your Caravan and then brace the morning around the glampsite in your leggings. We strongly recommend you grab those cute leggings from No nonsense before going on your glamping journey.

All in all, be sure to pack lightly. Using transitional pieces like the ones mentioned above is the best way to go for that reason. So, step out of your homes and into a glamp site to make up for the vacation you couldn’t have this summer. It’s an adventure you will be glad you went on!

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