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The Best Vegan Non-Alcoholic Fitness Cocktails You Just Have to Try

Many people like to drink mocktails to end their day. After all, these fancy beverages may resemble the taste of cocktails without the harmful effects of alcohol. In fact, many mocktails are loaded with healthful substances that can nourish and strengthen your body. As such, a lot of individuals reach for these types of drinks while relaxing at night or when socializing with their family and friends. So, here are some of the best vegan, non-alcoholic fitness cocktails you have to try.

A. Matcha Lemonade with Mint (2 Servings)

Match Lemonade with Mint is a refreshing and energizing drink. One reason is that it contains ingredients loaded with nutrients that can invigorate your body. Plus, its sweet and tangy flavor is balanced beautifully, making it a fabulous drink when socializing with friends.

To make this refreshing recipe, you can put one cup of water, two cups of cucumber, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 1/4 cup of pineapple juice, 1/4 cup of fresh mint leaves, one cup of water, and two teaspoons of matcha powder in a blender. Afterward, blend all the ingredients until smooth. Then, pour the liquid into two glasses filled with ice. You can also garnish the glass with a sprig of mint before serving.

B. Cherry Spritzer with Vanilla

One of the best vegan, non-alcoholic fitness cocktails you have to try is the Cherry Spritzer with Vanilla. As you know, your muscles can recover quickly if you consume tart cherries. Aside from that, this fruit can also help build healthy sleeping patterns. The best part is that you can reap these benefits by drinking this fancy and delicious mocktail.

To make Cherry Spritzer with Vanilla, you can pour 1/4 cup of sugar-free tart cherry juice and two cups of seltzer into a pitcher. Then, add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and stir. Finally, pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice.

C. Grapefruit Ginger

Grapefruit Ginger is one of the best vegan, non-alcoholic fitness cocktails you have to try. Remember, the mixture of ginger and grapefruit creates a wonderful flavor with bitter notes and a tinge of spiciness that will perk up your taste buds. Aside from that, these ingredients are full of healthful substances that provide many health benefits. For instance, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, while ginger is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. As such, this refreshing beverage is an excellent drink for those who want to mingle with friends and stay healthy.

To make this flavorful mocktail, you can combine equal parts of ginger ale and grapefruit juice in a glass with ice. Afterward, add a teaspoon or two of ginger syrup, depending on your liking. Finally, you can garnish the glass with a wedge of grapefruit or orange before serving.

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