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How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Video

According to the American Marketing Association, telling your brand story will help to build affinity with stakeholders and influence action. But a brand story needs to intrigue and inspire your potential clients if you want it to be effective. Videos are often the best way to do this as they are able to drive home points and add visual interest to the story. In order to effectively use video marketing to tell your brand story, you will need to follow the same rules as professional film producers, in order to bring your brand story to life.

Start With Your Audience’s Challenges:

Just like your favorite movie, any good story will start with a challenge that seems difficult to overcome. In your brand story video, this should be the biggest challenge that your target audience faces.

Be Original:

Make sure that your video isn’t just a cut and copy of your competitors’. Push yourself past your comfort zone when it comes to telling your story; use bold images and be as creative as possible. Get in touch with this Boston video studio who can help you come up with ideas, or hire a screenwriter to help. If you need inspiration, watch the most effective commercials of all time on YouTube – they certainly didn’t become as successful as they are by playing it safe.

Appeal to Emotions:

Think about your favorite ads on TV; chances are you like them so much because they appeal to your emotions. The luxury car driving down a winding, snowy road with holiday tunes playing in the background – it appeals to your need for serenity and an escape from your stressful life. Or the single mom who receives a delivery of flowers from her son in the military – it pulls at your heartstrings. Don’t be afraid to turn your brand story into one that touches your viewers emotionally.

Be Honest:

Don’t have your video promising something that you’re not going to be able to deliver. Include customer testimonials from real customers whose problems you have helped to solve or incorporate animations to tell their story if they don’t want to appear on camera. It’s always better to be honest about what you can do rather than overpromising; the power of persuasion is nowhere near as effective if you can’t ultimately deliver on what you say.

Make it Unique:

Once you’ve finished the video, imagine it was about your competitors’ instead. Will the video still undoubtedly be about your company’s story? Or would it fit another brand’s story just as well? If it’s not unique enough that it would seem weird to have a competitor’s logo on there, you should probably rethink your storyline. Gather feedback from your team to determine what’s generic about your video and what can be changed to make it more unique to your brand. Find what sets your company apart from the rest and make it a key feature in your new video.

When it comes to telling your company story, video is the best medium to use for sure. Keep these tips in mind and use your company story to promote your brand and engage your audience.

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