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Alessandra Ambrosio ’s Tips to Her Stunning Beauty

Alessandra Ambrosio is a famous Victoria’s Secret model from Brazil. Her Brazilian beauty has inspired many women and captured a lot of attention. Aside from her genes, her beauty regimen and healthy lifestyle also contributed to her stunning appearance. The good news is that you can also follow some of her skincare and makeup routines to look fabulous. So, here are some of the beauty tips and tricks you can learn from Alessandra Ambrosio. 

Consistent Skincare is Essential 

For Alessandra Ambrosio, her skincare is a part of her daily self-care routine. In fact, the supermodel takes it seriously. She also credits her consistent skincare regimen as a primary factor in her healthy skin. According to her, “Healthy skin is beautiful skin.” As such, she makes it a priority to care for her skin despite her hectic schedule. She also stated that: “It’s not about fixing. It’s about giving what it needs to thrive.” 

The beauty routine of Alessandra Ambrosio is “simple yet effective.” She starts with facial cleansing with the occasional use of a gentle exfoliator. She also loves applying anti-aging serums loaded with vitamin C. Also, she uses BB creams containing SPF. 

Aside from her face, the model/actress also takes care of her body. After all, her body is usually featured during her runway shows. As such, she stated that she puts whatever she puts on her face to her body. She also applies body oils (Francisco Costa’s Costa Brazil Firming Body Oil) and moisturizers (Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Lotion) to keep her skin smooth and radiant.

Proper Hydration

One of the best beauty tips and tricks you can learn from Alessandra Ambrosio is to always keep your body well-hydrated. In fact, she understood the importance of hydrating at a young age, and she considers it a valuable tip she learned from her mother and grandmother. 

According to the supermodel, you will notice on your face if you are dehydrated. When you’ve drunk the right amount of water, your skin “glows.” For this reason, she always drinks lots of water. She also likes drinking coconut water and green smoothies or juices. 

Sun Protection 

Another valuable beauty tip from Alessandra Ambrosio is to wear sunscreen or sunblock. In an interview, the catwalk queen admits she likes spending a lot of time outdoors wearing swimsuits. As such, she understands the value of SPF. 

According to the supermodel, she always goes to the beach. Plus, she lives in California, which is sunny every day. As such, she always wears sunblock to protect her skin. She applies a liquid sunscreen and layers it with ISDIN’s Eryfotona Ageless SPF 50 for best results. According to her, the product is absorbed quickly without leaving any residue. Plus, it is also tinted, giving her skin a natural and unified tone. 

Humidity and Sleep

Alessandra Ambrosio has several beauty secrets, including sufficient sleep and humidity. In an interview, she mentioned that “the best beauty treatment in the world is sleep.” For this reason, she needs to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. If she doesn’t get it, she doesn’t feel good. 

Aside from getting enough sleep, the supermodel loves traveling to humid places like Florianopolis. According to her, her skin comes alive and rejuvenated when she visits humid places. 

Makeup Routine 

One of the best beauty tips and tricks you can learn from Alessandra Ambrosia is her makeup routine. After all, she has been in the beauty and fashion industry for years. As such, she has learned many makeup techniques to look stunning and fabulous. 

The actress/model “loves eyeliner” because it makes her eyes appear bigger. She is also fond of cat eyes. To create the look, she uses a combination of liquid and felt-tip liners to draw her wing. She mentioned in an interview to “always aim to the end of the eyebrow.” This makeup tip can help ensure that you get the correct angle. 

Aside from wearing eyeliner, Alessandra also likes contouring her face. She uses Chanel Soleil Tan cream-gel bronzer because it matches her sun=kissed complexion. According to her, a makeup artist taught her to say “bonjour” while contouring to find the hollows of her cheeks. After contouring, she applies Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Las Salinas (bright pink shade), which serves as a highlighter and blush. When applying the product, she begins with the apples of her cheeks going up to her cheekbones. 

Alessandra Ambrosio’s go-to makeup product is a good concealer when her skin is tired. She also curls her eyelashes to make her eyes appear brighter and awake. 

The Bottom Line 

Alessandra Ambrosio is famous for her sexy body and radiant complexion. After many years in the beauty and fashion industry, she has learned a lot of valuable tips. As presented, there are numerous beauty tips and tricks you can learn from Alessandra Ambrosio. The best advice you can follow is a consistent skincare routine because it can give you youthful and radiant skin. 

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