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How to Find the Courage to Approach a Beautiful Woman

Sometimes for men, it can be a struggle to have the confidence to feel like you are enough when it comes time to approach a beautiful woman. Beautiful women have an air about them, for sure, that they are graceful, perfect, and untouchable. They exude an air of mystery. But the secret to approaching a beautiful woman is knowing that you are enough, and you can talk to them! If you see a single, beautiful woman, why not go for it? You never know what her type is until you ask. And when talking to beautiful women, confidence is the key factor. Having the right amount of confidence is key in showing her that you know what you’re doing. And in this situation, we are talking about confidence as if it is courage because the two really go hand in hand. When you have a lot of confidence, you have the courage within you in that moment to do anything. So, grow some balls, and read on to find out how to gain the courage and confidence to approach beautiful women.


Having yourself well-groomed across the board is essential in having the confidence to speak to a beautiful woman. First, be sure your facial care is well-kept up with and your hair is a length that you are happy with. Next, use some Ballsy and be sure that you are well groomed down there. Being well groomed in your most intimate areas can easily provide you with a surprising amount of confidence that you didn’t even know you had. Then, be sure that you have kept your skin well moisturized and lightly put on your favorite cologne.

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Now, this doesn’t mean go overboard, either. If you pile on too much cologne, that’s not a pleasant experience for anyone. Instead, be practical with how much cologne you use, and don’t try too hard and wind up “peacocking”. This will come off as desperation. Just be the cleanest, most well-groomed version of yourself.

So, if you know that you have taken care of yourself, then you should have confidence. There’s nothing to fear! If she’s not into you, it’s a taste thing and has nothing to do with the way you are presenting yourself. So, have the courage to go speak to her!

The Perfect Style for You

Wearing the perfect outfit for you automatically gives you courage and confidence. Think about the last time you wore your favorite outfit. You just felt better in it, right? You felt more like yourself or at least more like the person you want to be. This is the confidence you must feel when talking to a beautiful woman. After all, the courage to talk to her will come from your confidence. So, be sure you look at every detail of your outfit from your pants to your shirt to your jacket. And pay extra attention to your accessories. Do you socks and shoes match your look? Should you wear a watch? Perhaps, you have a matching pair of sunglasses that goes with this look? Men should accessorize, too, so try multiple options and see which of your accessories look right with your outfit choice. But, again, don’t overdo it. The worst trap you can fall into is “peacocking”.

Good Breath

It’s partially become a joke in pop culture, but good breath is key when speaking to a beautiful woman. Whether or not we realize it, we subconsciously (and at times consciously) don’t want to talk to people who have bad breath. Human beings can be very sensitive to scent, so it’s important that you keep a small tub of mints on yourself at all times so you can pop a mint before speaking with anyone. This is also another tool to give yourself courage. Most people automatically become more confident when they trust that their breath is fresh. Another method to keeping fresh breath is regularly brushing your teeth at least twice daily. We recommend using the GLEEM toothbrush, as it has worked wonder for us!

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A Pleasant State of Mind

Finally, it’s important to be in a good place with yourself before approaching a beautiful woman. You should understand that there is being confident and also being overconfident. To avoid coming off as that latter, be sure to embrace your confidence and then be yourself! Don’t try too hard or come from a place of desperation, as desperation is never attractive. You have to accept that YOU ARE ENOUGH! Meditate daily to get yourself in the right place to date. Until you love yourself, you cannot love others. It may sound cliché, but it is true.

Find a nice, quiet place in your home to show gratitude daily for what you have and to find mindfulness. Sit, get comfortable, and think about all of the good traits you have. Call attention to them and appreciate them. Over time, this exercise will get your confidence up and put you in a happy mind space, which is the place to be to approach a beautiful woman.

Don’t Overthink It

We’ve said a lot here, but the most important thing you can do is read this over once or twice and then let it go. The parts you should remember will surely stick with you. Confidence is all about trusting yourself. So, trust yourself to know what to do, and go out there. Be yourself! Trust that you are enough. Then, you will exude confidence. And, confidence is the key to approaching a beautiful woman. So, trust yourself, which will create all the courage in the world, and you will know that you can absolutely talk to beautiful women.


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