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Eight 60s Hairstyles You Can Totally Wear in 2021

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The 60s seem like a long time ago, but this magical time has many ties to today’s trends. Everything from bold 60s makeup to over-the-top hair is making a comeback in 2021. Volume is the primary focus for these retro looks. We selected eight gorgeous 60s hairstyles that stood the test of time to convince you to wake up the retro bombshell in you. Keep scrolling for some nostalgic hair inspiration!

8 60s hairstyles you can totally wear in 2021
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Photo By @thezoereport/Instagram

The 60s praised voluminous hair, so it’s no surprise that beehives made it into the mainstream during that time. While the classic beehive might be a bit too much for today, here’s a gorgeous way to modernize it. Tie your hair in a slick ponytail and add as much texture as possible to your hanging strands. You can create voluminous locks for a sexy appearance.

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