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Tips for Making Adventurous Travel Videos with GoPro

Have you bought a GoPro from the market recently on a friend’s referral or when you came across a YouTube video that spoke about how to edit GoPro videos to give you the best travel experience? A video like this would be useful to go through when you go out with your GoPro on your next outing to ensure you capture memorable moments you will cherish later.

Here are some expert tips you can use to make your next GoPro video stand out:

  • You have a blank canvas in front of you that is yet to come to your lens. You can prepare the video in a documentary style where you just focus on providing the facts about the places you are visiting or it can be one where you focus on providing a more cinematic and creative mood to the video. There are limitless possibilities on how you can make the day by adding your perception to the video. In this manner, you can truly mesmerize the real taste of travel film-making. A good way to start is by going through videos and techniques you can also use in yours to make your video look better-both on YouTube and Instagram. Look for travel bloggers who have already made a mark in their field.
  • The most important milestone of the entire process is to choose the camera to work with. This is trying to choose between a DSLR or GoPro for the high-quality video or photo shoots. Also, the choice of camera depends on the commitment you have for the task at hand. There are the following cameras that as a travel blogger you are highly recommended to carry around while filming
    • The phone you can use as you like
    • A compact camera that is handy
    • A DSLR that will be useful to get shots which require a lot of space and better focus than the ones above.
  • The third tip takes us to the filming of the video. Here are some common mistakes that happen as a first timer you ought to avoid to provide the best experience to your audience.
    • Do not film the entire trip -every minute. In this way you will be left with an enormous amount of footage or clips to be edited that will consume a lot of time, and you may not update the video in time for your audience.
    • Another big blunder that happens when filming travel videos is only focusing on the landscapes and places of the area. It is more poignant to focus on the way you can interact with the people there and how receptive are they. It is also important to film the good times you spend at the new place rather than the place itself.
    • The last mistake that is too obvious is moving the camera too much. Think wisely and hold the camera steadily so you can give a particular moment a few seconds -around 5 to 10 seconds before moving onto a new one.
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  • Try to do the editing of the videos while you are still traveling; in a few days of shooting you might have accumulated so much footage that it would take ages to edit after you are back from the trip. Also, whilst editing the videos, get ahold of a few tracks that you may like to add in your videos to make it look and sound more amusing
  • After you are back from the trip, give your video its final touches before uploading it on different platforms. Try to take as much time as you need but try not to be a perfectionist as in this way your video will never make up to the social sites. Now is the time to get rid of the bits that are not necessary to help cut your video’s time down. Make sure that the shots go with the music beats, make necessary cuts.

Finally, the key to providing the best video to your audience is not to leave an unfinished task on the platform as it is you who can decide what is perfect for your audience to view, as no one else can assist you in this manner and the number of views you receive will show skillfully you have accomplished your objectives.

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