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How To Work Out Without Working Out

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There are so many opportunities on a daily basis to get your heart rate up and burn some extra calories. Incorporate these simple ways to jolt your metabolism on a daily basis and you will have to spend less time working out at the gym.


1.  Stand instead of sit.  The simple act of standing instead of sitting can help you burn an extra 50 calories per hour.

2.  Always take the stairs.  Never take elevator or escalator, unless you’re going to a sky scraper, then maybe do half stairs and half elevator:)

3.  Next time you can’t find a close parking spot, don’t get frustrated. Park at the furthest spot and walk the extra couple feet. You will get the benefit of the extra steps without even realizing it.

4. Last one to there is a rotten egg! My son and I race each other everywhere. We race to the car, to the house, up the stairs. Kids are great examples of what several spurts of energy blasts throughout the day can do to your metabolism. They are constantly running around with moments of pausing only to eat and refuel.

5. Walk to do your errands or walk your kids to school. Walk to the bank or even better the store. Yep! Bring two canvas bags for your groceries and fill them up as evenly as possible, then walk home with the extra load for an added arm work out. It is also proven that if you have a destination to go to and back, you are more likely to keep it up.


* Be creative!  Dance with your friends or play tag with your kids! Get the crew together for a game of football or baseball. Think outside the box and sweat every day!


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