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Why It’s Important to Treat Yourself To A Lazy Day

In a world where everyone is on the go 24-7, it’s hard to stay motivated. With deadlines constantly in the back of their minds, how do people keep their drive? It’s actually fairly simple, they take days off. They realize your body, as well as your mind, need a break sometimes.

Whether you’re a full time student, or a full time employee, you deserve to be lazy every now and then. I know personally, I look forward to my lazy Sundays. It’s the day of the week where I allow myself to do whatever I feel like doing. I don’t worry about school, or work, or anything for that matter. If I want to stay in my bed watching Netflix all day, I’ll do it! If I want to go to Starbucks and then go shopping, I’ll do it! I do it because I deserve it, and you do too!

Treating yourself to a lazy day allows your mind to recharge. When you’re working, or studying, your mind is always being used. It’s constantly solving problems, thinking of what to do or say next, it’s even processing how to react to your environment around you. Your mind needs a day where it doesn’t have to critically think about every little detail. A day where it can just breathe and rest.

Indulging yourself completely for a long period of time can lead to burnouts. You get tired of going through the same routine and schedule every single day. Giving yourself a day off gives you the chance to change up your schedule and add some fun in your life. Go on an adventure to a local state park, or play video games for an unhealthily long period of time. It’s okay! Rewarding yourself with these days is good and healthy. If you promise yourself one day a week to being lazy, it gives you something to look forward too. It allows you to push yourself harder during the week because you know you’ll have that one day to relax.

Your body needs a break too! You push your body to sit in uncomfortable chairs at your desk job. You demand so much from your body. Allowing yourself to these days gives your body a chance to recharge and get ready for the long week ahead.

The trick is being lazy in moderation. Treat yourself, but don’t make it an every day thing. Think of these days as a reward, rather than a necessity. You should be rewarding yourself for your hard work you put into the week. Every thing is good in moderation.

I challenge you to take one day off this week and do nothing. Sleep in, binge watch a TV series on Netflix, eat ice cream, or go shopping! Relax and be lazy! Do it for yourself, because you earned it! Trust me, sometimes having these days, are the only thing that get me through the week.

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