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What You Should Know Before Starting to Exercise

Somewhere along the line, you’ve come to the conclusion that starting to exercise is the best thing for you, and you might be right. In fact, you’re definitely right, especially if you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle for any length of time. However, there are still a few things that you will need to know, and a few precautions that you need to take to avoid harming yourself in your quest for health. Most health authorities recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise five times per week, and it is no surprise that most adults aren’t actually meeting that expectation.

When it comes to exercise, knowing the risks is critical. You already know that you need to warm up before you start anything extreme, but what else is there? Pay attention to what we’re about to say: it might just save your life.

Take it Easy

If you’ve never exercised before in your life, don’t go to your local gym and start lifting the heaviest weights. Also, please don’t try to train for an ironman triathlon
in a few weeks because your body simply cannot handle it. You can develop onset muscle soreness, which causes your muscles to be very tender, and you will have reduced range of motion afterward. This condition can last for several days but can be easily avoided by following a routine and building up gradually. You just cannot expect to be Rocky Balboa your first time out.

Avoid Overstimulation

The use of electrical stimulation devices as a supplement to exercise is pretty common. If you’ve never seen one, they attach to your various muscle groups and stimulate them, meaning you won’t have to exercise .¨ or you can at least use it as a supplement. These days, however, physicians are sharing their concerns regarding them, so pay attention, and exercise the traditional way.

A Matter of the Heart

If you’ve decided to push forward and start the extreme exercise routine that we’ve just warned you about, then we’re going to ask you to sit here and listen for just a moment. We’re going to first fill you in on how the heart works, and what you need to know initially is that it works in two phases:

Contraction Phase In this phase, the blood is ejected from the left and right ventricles, directly into the arteries.

Relaxation PhaseHere, the blood fills the ventricles and waits for the next contraction.

Studies have shown that excessive exercise, especially of the intensive nature causes a decline in the relaxation function, otherwise known as cardiac stunning. That said, those who participate in some of the more extreme events tend to have heart problems, and it could be very detrimental to your cardiac function as time goes by. Does that mean it’s definite? No, but it does mean you need to consider just how long the top bodybuilders have been working out and what kind of risk they put themselves at. You’re not there yet, and you’re not ready for that.

Are You Immune?

Moderate exercise does boost the immune system, but it has been found that too much exercise actually causes a decline in the immune system over the course of 24 hours. It returns to normal after a time, but you’re going to be at significant risk for illness. To alleviate some of the effects, eat properly, and also keep up your personal hygiene; that will help to keep you from falling ill.

Exercise is important, but staying healthy is even more so .¨ make sure you’re paying attention to these warnings, and work your way up to where you really want to be.

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