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What It Means to Date a Polysexual Person

Today, more and more people are becoming open with their sexuality. As such, dating a polysexual person is more common nowadays than it has been in the past. But, what is a polysexual person? This post will answer this question and give you an idea of what it’s like to date a person with this sexual orientation.

What is a Polysexual Person?

Based on the prefix “poly,” a polysexual person is attracted to more than one gender. Traditionally, we have two genders, which are male and female. Additionally, we also categorize a person’s sexual orientation as heterosexual (attraction between two people of the opposite sex) and homosexual (attraction between two people of the same sex). Based on these definitions, a polysexual person may be attracted to a homosexual and a heterosexual person.

Myths about a Polysexual Person

A Polysexual Person is Hypersexual

Although a polysexual person can be attracted to more than one gender, his or her sexual orientation is not connected to his or her libido. As such, a polysexual person is not hypersexual. Like everyone else, they have preferences when and to whom they want to have intercourse. So, if you’re dating a polysexual person, it doesn’t mean that you’ll constantly have intercourse. Also, they are dating you not only for sex. Consent is still important for both parties.

2. A Polysexual Person Wants Attention

Some people think that a polysexual person wants attention; however, this is just a myth. Keep in mind that being attracted to more than one gender is not directly linked to attention-seeking. If that is what they feel; you have to respect it.

3. A Polysexual Person Can’t Maintain a Relationship

Another common misconception about a polysexual person is that he or she can’t maintain a monogamous relationship. Always remember that a person’s sexuality or sexual orientation is not the basis of a person’s capability to handle a relationship. Even though a polysexual person can be attracted to multiple genders, he or she can still be loyal.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that a polysexual person may have different preferences, but we have to respect that individual. Additionally, we also have to give that person a chance to experience love and affection.

Although a polysexual person can be attracted to multiple genders, he or she can be loyal in a relationship. If you’re dating a polysexual person, you have to give him a chance to show you his feelings and good intentions. Who knows, he may be the one destined for you.


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