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Ways to Exercise Without Having a Gym Membership

Too busy to hit the gym? Budget a little too tight for that membership? Don’t want to lock yourself into a hefty contract with your neighborhood workout facility? These are no excuses not to work out, especially when you consider how easy working out from home can actually be. With a little intentional effort and planning, you can easily create your own bootcamp and get yourself into the shape you want to be in. We’ll throw out some great ideas to inspire you and help you get moving!

Take a Walking Tour in Different Parts of Your City

This might seem too easy (or too good to be true), but if you love being outdoors and you’re easily entertained by “seeing the sights”, you’ll love the concept of doing a walking tour in different parts of your city. For example, put a tour on rotation: on Mondays walk the historic district of your city, on Wednesdays walk the coastline, and on Fridays, do a loop of tourist hotspots. Or find your favorite hikes and stick to those if you prefer natural scenery.

Sign Up for a 5K or a 10K

We love the idea of signing up for a 5 or 10K for many reasons. First of all, many official races support charities or causes, so whatever you pay to participate will benefit somebody or something. Also, races like this are relatively easy to train for – all it takes is the discipline and commitment to do the actual running in preparation. They’re all over the place, so you’re likely to find a race near you, probably in a neat location. Finally, we love that once you sign up, you’re committed, and once you’re committed, laziness takes a backseat. Setting that goal in front of you will keep you moving forward even when you don’t feel like it.

Hike in Your Local Park or Nature Preserve

Most states have a variety of well maintained parks and preserves that are perfect for the outdoorsman looking to get a little exercise. Being out in nature is great in terms of physical fitness, but it’s also incredibly mentally rewarding and refreshing. Discover your favorite trail to hike over and over again, or simply try a new one every week!

Use Free Workout Videos on YouTube

In case you missed it, YouTube is quite the hub for free workout videos. Whether you’re into crossfit, yoga, strength training, or some other type of exercise, you’re bound to find at least a thousand videos that meet your needs and challenge you from the comfort of your own home. Check it out! Also, many people are now switching to Instagram Live videos for community workouts. Your favorite instructor might just have a plan to conduct classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Put those excuses away, and start exercising in a way that inspires you to keep going today!


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