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The Best Fall Hikes in Southern California

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Travel Blogger Malorie Mackey’s Favorite Fall Hikes

As autumn rolls in, many spots near Los Angeles become ideal to hike and explore. The rivers and waterfalls become lush and full as the warm weather slowly dwindles, and nature becomes a montage or colorful leaves. Of course, being closer to the heart of Los Angeles, other hikes stay lush and green but offer slightly cooler weather to enjoy with a light breeze on your face as you walk. The following hikes rank highest on our list of places to adventure to in Southern California during the fall.

5. Solstice Canyon Loop

Solstice Canyon Loop is a 3.4 mile loop located near Malibu, CA. This is one of the most well kept-up hikes with easy-to-read signs and clear paths. It features two abandoned houses, one of which still has tiles and flooring scattered around its remains. Both ruins still have the bricks from the chimneys intact, but one is much more impressive with ovens and fountains still standing strong around the old, tattered foundation. For those who love abandoned buildings or urban exploring, this hike would be right up your ally. There’s also a very controlled and blocked-off waterfall you can see from a close distance, so it has something for the nature buffs, too. The terrain of this hike gets steep at times, making it ideal in the cooler fall weather.

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Malorie Mackey enjoying Solstice Canyon Loop Trail
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