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  • What is Microneedling and What are Its Benefits?

    Today, microneedling is gaining popularity around the world. The reason is that it claims to offer various benefits to your skin....

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaAugust 3, 2021
  • Veggies that Boost Collagen Levels

    Collagen is a protein that gives your skin elasticity and suppleness. However, our bodies’ collagen production decreases as we age. As...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaJanuary 20, 2021
  • How to Increase Collagen Levels

    Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin supple and youthful. Unfortunately, our bodies’ collagen production depletes as we age. The...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaJanuary 11, 2021
  • Look Your Most Youthful with Ellanse

    Each year, we add another number to our age, and for some people, that’s another wrinkle, fine line, or saggy area...

    BeautyMegan TaylorOctober 12, 2020
  • Skincare Items that Help Keep Your Face Youthful

    It is obviously a difficult task to keep your face from naturally aging, and it is a topic everyone studies to...

    BeautyMalorie MackeyNovember 4, 2019
  • Beauty Benefits of HGH

    The human growth hormone is widely used by many fitness enthusiasts. It is used for muscle strength, to build body and...

    BeautyvivaglamJune 3, 2019
  • The Fountain of Youth: Found in Your Kitchen

    The Mysterious, Healing Aspects of Green Tea Did you know that green tea (Camellia sinensis) is one of the healthiest beverages...

    BeautyvivaglamNovember 2, 2016