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Skincare Items that Help Keep Your Face Youthful

It is obviously a difficult task to keep your face from naturally aging, and it is a topic everyone studies to find the secrets of. Who doesn’t want to look young as long as possible? And with many chemically-made products on the market, it can be hard to find reliable products that truly help nourish your skin that don’t do damage but still work to halt aging. So, what can we use to help keep our faces looking younger? Look no further. We have found a few secrets for you.

Radiance by Azure Medical Technologies is a tool that we are swearing by. This product is out of this world. How does it work? Radiance uses USFDA 510K OTC cleared collagen regenerating super intense LED Photo Therapy to reduce facial wrinkles. Basically, the devise emits an intense LED light that creates more effective and faster cell renewal in your skin, improves the absorption of nutrients needed for tissue repair, and increases collagen production.

Azure Medical Technologies provides safe and effective dermatological treatments to use at home and in a MediSpa environment. Radiance is proven safe by the USFDA 510(k), and the product serves as a professional quality tool to use at home. What does this mean for you? You get to use a professional tool at home to help regenerate your collagen and rid yourself of wrinkles. The Azure is gentle, safe, and cordless. Plus, it’s super easy to use with the provided instructions.

They claim that you will see results within two months if you follow the instructions, but we are seeing results even earlier than that. In fact, my skin feels healthier, and even the acne I had is clearing up after regularly using the device.

Another way to keep your skin healthy and youthful revolves around knowing how to appropriately cleanse your skin. Because, in all reality, we do most of the damage to our faces when we remove our makeup and wash our faces. Without knowing better, we pull our skin down and may scrub too hard, hurting it and creating wrinkles.

So, if we come at our skin in a more gentle nature with gentler products, we can do wonders in helping to preserve our youth. A natural makeup remover that works but doesn’t contain chemicals is where you need to look here. This is why we recommend VIVAIODAYS ROSE GERANIUM CLEANSING WATER inspired by the Land of Zulu.

The products at VIVAIODAYS are truly unique, as they rely on centuries-old organic traditions and remedies around the world. The Rose Geranium Cleansing Water is created from Rose Geranium leaves that have been used by the Zulu women healers of Southern Africa. It creates a rose/floral water that effectively yet gently removes makeup and restores balance to sensitive skin. It’s also certified vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten free. I have very sensitive skin, and I have found this product to work like a charm while also not burning or harming my skin in any way. It’s effective yet gentle.

So, let’s show our skin some love by using these safe and effective products to gently restore the youth to our faces.


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