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Veggies that Boost Collagen Levels

Collagen is a protein that gives your skin elasticity and suppleness. However, our bodies’ collagen production decreases as we age. As a result, the skin gets thinner and more prone to wrinkles. The good news is that there are natural ways to increase the collagen levels in your body. One, in particular, is through your diet. Remember, there are a ton of foods that can help your body produce more collagen. So, what are the various veggies that boost collagen levels?

1. Dark Leafy Vegetables

Beauty experts recommend including dark leafy vegetables in your diet. The reason is that these veggies can benefit your skin. To be specific, they can help increase your collagen levels in various ways. For one, these vegetables are rich in vitamin C. It is an essential nutrient for the production of collagen.

Another vital nutrient found in green leafy vegetables is chlorophyll. This compound is the pigment that gives plants their greenish hue. When consumed, it can help boost your procollagen levels, resulting in higher levels of collagen in your body.

2. Garlic

Most of us use garlic to add flavor to our dishes. Aside from that, this spice can also offer some beauty benefits. For one, it can help boost your collagen levels due to its sulfur contents. To explain further, this mineral can help prevent collagen breakdown. At the same time, it also aids in collagen production.

Keep in mind that you need to consume a lot of garlic to reap its collagen benefit. Nevertheless, adding this healthful spice to your diet is still beneficial. Remember, it also contains antioxidants that can fight premature aging.

3. Legumes

Aside from those veggies that boost collagen levels, you can also include legumes in your diet. As you know, legumes are rich in proteins. As such, they should be included in your meals, especially if you are on a vegan diet.

Aside from proteins, legumes also contain amino acids that are essential for collagen production. Additionally, they also contain minerals, like zinc and copper, that are necessary to produce collagen. Of course, these food products have antioxidants that can combat the damaging effects of free radicals.

4. Tomatoes

Aside from dark leafy vegetables, tomatoes are also a good source of vitamin C. As mentioned, this essential nutrient can help boost your collagen levels.

Another important nutrient found in this healthful food is lycopene. It is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent collagen breakdown. Plus, it also protects your skin from the sun.

5. Nuts

Snacking on a handful of nuts (almonds and cashews) is a healthier option compared to processed snacks because they contain a ton of nutrients, such as proteins. Aside from that, nuts are also a good source of zinc and copper. As mentioned, these minerals play a crucial role in your body’s collagen production.

Overall, these veggies that boost collagen production will not only make your skin look young and healthy. They also contain other healthy substances that can improve your overall health.


How to Naturally Increase Collagen Production

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