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Amanda Rodriguez, a Force to Be Reckoned With

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“Sex sells but I am also more than a body or object for sex, I am a woman. A soul. A being and a force to be reckoned with.”

Amanda Rodriguez is not just another beautiful cover model. She is the winner of our latest VIVA GLAM Supermodel Search! Though she is exceptionally beautiful, she is also a strong woman with passion and drive, and she is a real force to be reckoned with. We were lucky enough to sit down with Amanda to discuss her career, her transition into motherhood, and her thoughts on the deeper issues- societal issues of mental health that plague so many today. Amanda has beauty and brains, and she’s here to discuss many topics that will make you think long and hard about our current society. And if you’re going to take anything away from this interview, please remember what Amanda says at the end of it, it’s incredibly important to remember “that no one else defines your self-worth. You do.”

Who was 13-year-old Amanda? What were her interests, and where did she see herself in ten years?

I love this question! 13-year-old Amanda was a goth kid in black lipstick and combat boots. I was really into heavy metal music, and I had an obsession with vampires. Haha. I told my parents I was going to be gothic forever and that it was not just a style but a “way of life”. lol. I was introverted and enjoyed spending time on my own. I am not sure if I really knew where I saw myself in 10 years at that time. I was just going through the motions. But I did really love writing poetry, short stories and journaling my thoughts. Not sure if my writing was actually any good back then, haha (probably not), but it’s something I still enjoy doing today! Also, some of the old music I used to listen to I still enjoy at heart. 

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Model: Amanda Rodriguez / Photo by Deja Jordan / Makeup by Katarina Van Derham & MUYvette / Hair by Anthony Montoya / Location: European House LA

What’s the most positive memory from your childhood?

Camping and hiking as a child with my family are some of my favorite and most positive memories I have. It was a simple time. Maybe that’s why I love being out in nature so much to this day, because it’s nostalgic and reminds me of a nice part of my childhood.

Tell us about your journey into modeling. What brought you into modeling and how has your journey gone?

I went to a photoshoot with my girlfriend one day during my late teens. She was modeling at the time and asked me if I wanted to come along. I didn’t have a lot of experience modeling then. But seeing the outcome of the images really inspired me. I loved the idea of getting to dress up, “transform” and feel empowered in front of the lens.

I am really a firm believer of honesty. So, while there have been a lot of great moments in my modeling journey, there have also been some disheartening and painful experiences. Regardless, I refuse to let these things set me back entirely from what I am passionate about! 

You seem like the epitome of a beautiful young woman. You’re a cover model who seems to have it all. Are there any aspects of yourself that people don’t see?

Thank you! I think there is a lot about me that people don’t see on the outside because of how I carry myself or things I have accomplished. But what I would love to remind the world is that everyone has feelings and struggles of their own. Sometimes, we can’t see that by just looking at someone or how they are dressed, the photos they post on their social media. But that does not make their suffering any less real.

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