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How to Inspire the Wanderers With Your Travel Instagram Account

There are so many cool influencers online who document their travels and make money doing it on Instagram. Do you wish you were one of them? Whether you’re in it for the money or you just love sharing your experiences with others, why not set up a travel Instagram account? 

You already post photos on social media anyway, and if you make a designated account, you can share your journey with so many people!

We’re here to talk about how you can set up a successful travel account on Instagram. Read on to learn more! 

Work On Building Your Audience

You can’t inspire anyone if no one follows your Instagram account! Unfortunately, gaining genuine followers is harder than ever. You have to do some serious work if you want to build a community!

So how can you get started? Well, if you want, you can start by finding the best site to buy Instagram followers just to give yourself a foundation to build on. When people see that you have followers, they may be more interested in your content. They’ll assume you have a high-quality account and they won’t know that those followers were bought.

However, you also have to work hard to gain organic followers if you actually want your account to grow. 

The rest of the tips in this article will help, but make sure you’re using the right hashtags and geotags to start with. When you post a travel picture, tag the location so other people who live there or travel there will see it. Don’t forget to tag your stories as well!

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you’re trying to build a brand, and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Your social media profile might not feel like a brand, but it is! It’s a curated collection of posts that only show one aspect of your life: your interest in travel. 

Make sure that your posts all have a similar brand voice. Yes, it will be like your voice, but refined. You’ll maintain a similar tone and “energy” throughout all of your posts, and that “energy” will represent your brand.

Make sure that you’re posting often. You don’t have to post every day, but you should aim to post something at least twice per week, preferably more. Posting every day is helpful, but it’s not always possible for travelers. 

To make life easier, you can schedule your posts with an app. This way, even if you want to take a brief break from Instagram, you’ll still have something new on your account for your followers to see.

Focus on High-Quality Content

If you want to impress your followers and gain new ones, you need to make sure your posts aren’t just consistent. They also have to be high-quality. You can’t just post a blurry picture of a beach and call it a day.

We recommend investing in a nice camera, especially if you don’t have the latest phone. You’ll be able to take better photos and videos that will really give your travel Instagram account an edge. 

It’ll cost a bit of money at first, but it will also be worthwhile. You also deserve to have those better travel photos for your own posterity!  

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Keep Some Posts Saved

Unless you’re a full-time traveler who’s never at home, you’re going to have spans of time in which you’re not going to have brand-new photos or videos to post. Even if you are traveling full-time, you may break your camera, not feel like editing, or take a week off for yourself. 

So what then? Do you just leave your account empty for a few days? Do you post from home?

We recommend keeping some posts saved in your drafts for the future. It’s okay to post old travel photos and videos. People still want to see older content as long as it isn’t repeated content.

Don’t post all of your photos from a trip as soon as you take them. Keep some stored so you can use them when you don’t have anything interesting going on!

Work On Your Captions

As a travel account owner, your photos and videos are far more important than your captions. That said, your captions still matter. Captivating captions can increase people’s interest in your account and they may help you gain new followers through the use of helpful keywords. 

Try to be descriptive and engaging in your captions. Invite responses with a helpful CTA. Questions are great in captions because they provoke responses (and responses are good for your engagement). 

Don’t Underestimate Reels

Instagram is trying to compete with TikTok with its Reels feature. Reels are short-form videos generally with catchy background music and captions. Reels get more visibility than posts, so use them to your advantage.

Reels can simply be photo compilations if you don’t enjoy videos, but consider doing things like taking 1-second videos around your destination and stitching them together with some trending music in the background. This is a fun format that gets great engagement.

You can also give travel tips in reels. Take what you’ve learned and turn each tip into its own short-form video. Things like this are incredibly sharable, especially if you post a voiceover or captions of the tips over cool travel footage.

Communicate With Your Followers

The more comments you get, the more attention your account will get. Engagement is good for the algorithm. One way to increase engagement is to communicate with your followers.

Always try to respond to at least a few comments on your posts. You can also network with other similar accounts and comment on each other’s content. You may even find yourself making new online friends this way!

Make Your Travel Instagram Totally Inspirational

It’s time to start taking some photos, editing some reels, and writing some great captions. Share your passion for travel with the world and maybe make a little money while you’re at it. Most of all, have fun!

Do you love keeping up with all of the hottest trending lifestyle topics? Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site!

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