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Best Luxury Vacation Destinations in Greece

Greece is, no denying, one of the most beloved summer and winter destinations in the world. Gratifying travellers with distinct Greek hospitality, scenic coasts, delicious cuisine, powdery shores, crystal-clear waters, imposing mountains, verdant valleys, and a rich cultural heritage that weighs heavy upon its shoulders, beaming its unique light to the corners of the globe throughout the centuries. Knowing how to please all types of travellers, including the most selective ones, Greece is well aware of how to treat those used to a VIP lifestyle. Speaking of luxury vacation experiences, two islands stand out from the rest, although almost all Greek destinations offer a high level of pampering to visitors. However, Mykonos and Paros are considered the epitome of VIP holidays for their lavish lifestyle overall and how well they can meet guests’ desires on the dot.

Luxury Vacation in Mykonos

Being highly regarded as not only a party mecca, but also celebs’ playground for more than half a century, Mykonos is undeniably an elite destination in the Mediterranean. Pulling in thousands of visitors annually with its almost intoxicating allure, it features the most animated nightlife, idyllic sugary shores, crystalline waters, picturesque villages, whitewashed architecture, exquisite shopping scene, and romantic sunsets.

Like a true Queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos knows about royalty and how to pamper its VIP guests, be it blue-bloods used to an upmarket living or “humble mortals” reaching out for their share of spoiling! From invitation-only parties and exclusive dinner experiences to private cruises and helicopter rides, the Island of the Winds feels like a dream fulfilment, one way or another.

Of course, its accommodation is an aspect that follows the island’s overall lavishness and grandeur. Indeed, some of the world’s most elegant villas are perched across the beachfront or the hilltops of this spectacular Greek island, enchanting with world-class amenities, such as private gyms, spa rooms, and even basketball courts, and concierge services that leave no stone unturned.

Recommended villas to stay in Mykonos

Villa Estella – This is a magnificent property that will meet the needs of up to 24 guests for privacy and top-notch facilities. Feel free to enjoy your leisure time by the fireplace on a colder day, rejuvenate at the in-house hammam, soak up fantastic sea views from the outdoor dining area or under the pergola, practise your culinary skills at any of the two fully equipped kitchens, or take a refreshing dive at any of the two infinity pools within the premises. Without ever worrying about feeling too crammed, you can choose any of the five stylish individual-entrance guest houses (spread in three tiers) or one of the seven deluxe bedrooms that total in the two units that comprise Villa Estella.

Villa Miracle – It is amazing how many amenities are available throughout this chic property’s 850 square metres. Feel like exploring your gastronomic options? Two professional kitchens await (it could be you or your private chef that will impress the rest of the guests with culinary masterpieces)! Unwind and recharge your batteries? You can choose between the outdoor Jacuzzi, the Turkish hammam, and the thalassotherapy spa – all within the premises. Let off some steam and take care of your physique like back home? A professional gym is right there for you on the lower level, along with a beauty parlour, an infinity heated pool, two BBQs, and a wooden oven. Ample space for everything you might desire, even if that’s just some me-time, and a variety of perks, like a TV playroom and office room also come to complement your daily ventures.

Villa Esmeralda – It is one of those times when you can’t really tell where the cobalt of the Mediterranean sky ends and where the azure of the Aegean Sea begins. That’s the sensation you get from almost all around this fantastic property in the idyllic Kanalia region. The 665m2 villa embodies grace, elegance, style, and majesty that is depicted across every inch of its floor plan or outdoor areas. Six extravagant bedrooms and a chic guest house with an individual entrance can comfortably sleep up to 14 guests. At the same time, the mansion pampers with amenities like a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of indoor and outdoor dining and lounge areas, and even a private pool and a BBQ. In addition, Villa Esmeralda bewilders with its scenic garden, rustic furnishing, whitewashed architecture, and spellbinding seascapes. 

Luxury Vacation in Paros

Magnetising with impressive and utterly diverse landscapes, starring rolling hills and serene valleys dotted with scenic chapels, mediaeval ruins, and ancient monasteries, powdery shores, and crystalline, azure waters, Paros is a quintessential Greek island that has something for every taste and desire.

From busy beaches and water sports paradises to more remote and tranquil shores and scenic hiking trails and towns crisscrossed by cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses, Paros is a highly-esteemed blue blood in the Cyclades. As such, she is fully committed to providing her guests with all the delights, comforts, and entertainment options that go well beyond the ordinary and expected.

Doubtlessly, the second-largest Cyclades island is a beautiful dot on the map that has no shortage of vibrant clubs, enticing cafes, elegant restaurants, scenic sunset and sea views, family-run tavernas, lively bars, and exclusive, upscale accommodation.

Recommended villas to stay in Paros

Villa Kenzie – Nothing can beat the incredible sensation of waking up to expansive views of the Aegean Sea from your exquisite bedroom or the charming outdoor veranda dining area. Stroll along the beautiful garden surrounding this glorious property for moments of absolute composure, take a dive at the infinity pool while overlooking the glistering archipelago, sip a refreshing cocktail at the pool bar, or organise a fun barbecue time utilising the fully equipped exterior kitchen with the BBQ and the fire pit table lounge area. And, if you wish to hire a nanny, private chef or other staff members, you can rest assured they will be equally pampered as you with a lower level featuring lush staff bedrooms, as well as a gym, safe room, storage room, and a private veranda!

Villa Cezanne – Probably the villa with the longest list of VIP amenities one could ask for in Paros. From marble wash basins for him and her and private terraces, patios, and balconies to a massage room, a steam room, a Yoga room, and a gym, you have everything at your fingertips. You simply decide the type of adventure you wish to experience within the premises of this hypnotising 900m2 unit. Encompassing a well-manicured garden that offers endless moments of relaxation and gratification, Villa Cezanne also offers blissful times next to its several private pools, BBQ, and multiple dining and sitting areas both inside and outside the premises of the two units that make up Villa Cezanne overall.

Villa Miro – You can’t get a more exclusive neighbourhood in Paros than Molos. This is where Villa Miro sits comfortably, gazing at the striking Paros coastline and the sparkling sea that lights up every evening with fishermen’s boats and private yachts that drop anchor here. What is also unique about this mansion is the massive volumes of high-end design and conveniences offered. Some of its gracious bedrooms are like small independent units, featuring a kitchenette, marble wash basins, and en-suite double shower and bathtub baths. This gives a sense of added luxury to the overall experience, along with enhanced privacy levels. Of course, all the prerequisites for an utterly gratifying stay are also right there, including a private pool, BBQ, pergolas, and a fully equipped kitchen.

For more luxury villas in Greek islands (Mykonos, Paros and Antiparo visit If you need assistance with selecting the most suited elegant property for your specific requirements, kindly contact the friendly and always helpful Customer Support service for instant guidance and help.

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