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How to Get Fuller Hair

All of us want thicker and fuller hair. Unfortunately, hair fall and breakage are now both a common problem due to various factors, such as aging, stress, and hormonal changes. The good news is that there are several ways to resolve this problem. So, here are some tips to get fuller hair.

1. Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

As you know, you need to use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. For example, if you have fine and thin hair, volumizing shampoo and conditioner will make your hair look fuller. Women with coarse hair, on the other hand, should opt for anti-frizz and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Aside from that, opting for sulfate-free shampoo is also necessary, especially if you have fine or thin hair. Remember, sulfate can make your hair brittle, which leads to hair breakage. Instead, you can pick hair care products with keratin, biotin, and B vitamins.

2. Increase Blood Flow

As you know, blood flow can affect your hair. As such, one of the best tips to get fuller hair is to increase blood flow to your scalp. There are various ways to do this. For one, you can exercise regularly. Aside from that, you can also massage your scalp.

Always remember that an increase in blood flow to your scalp can stimulate hair growth, resulting in fuller and thicker hair. The easiest way to stimulate blood flow is to massage your scalp while you’re washing your hair.

3. Brush Your Hair Properly

Brushing your hair can offer several benefits. For one, it helps distribute natural oils that not only make your hair shinier but stronger as well. Additionally, it also stimulates blood flow to your scalp, which can promote hair growth.

Keep in mind that using the right kind of hairbrush is necessary to get healthy hair. As much as possible, you should avoid using a hairbrush with plastic bristles because it can damage your hair. Instead, you can use a brush with natural bristles.

4. Tease Your Hair

Backcombing or teasing is one of the oldest tricks to get fuller hair. The first step in doing this technique is to take a small section of your hair and hold it away from your head. Afterward, gently push your hair towards your head with a fine-tooth comb and apply hair spray. Repeat the backcombing process in small sections until all your hair is teased. To finish your look, you can smoothen the top layer of your hair to conceal the teasing.

All in all, these are some of the tips to get fuller hair. As you can see, most of the tips above are easy to do yet it produces amazing results. Of course, you also need to eat the right kind of foods to get healthy hair. With the right diet, you can ensure that your scalp produces healthy and strong hair strands.


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