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Mermaid Waves Are Here to Dethrone Beachy Waves This Sunny Season

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When we think about beachy waves we are reminded of our pre-pandemic world when sipping cocktails on the beach and traveling wasn’t out of reach. Although we can’t enjoy these things presently, that doesn’t mean our looks and style should suffer. Namely, inspired by the ocean once again, mermaid ways are here to take over beachy waves. Women are opting for loose-hanging, messy, and crumpet curls to match the carefree, sunny mood. Since this trend is much easier to style and resembles the hair texture when we get out of the salty water, the name is perfectly understandable. If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your look, mermaid waves will do the trick. Find out the most gorgeous takes on this trend below and learn how to wear mermaid waves like a pro!

mermaid waves are here to dethrone beachy waves
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Photo By @hairwithlinda/Instagram

Long hair is made for mermaid waves, and this hairstyle is the proof! A simple braid after washing your hair at night will give you these gorgeous waves to rock during the next day. Opt for a gorgeous pastel dye job to fully transform yourself into a mermaid.

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