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What Is The Best Type of Brush for Your Hair & Style?

Are you the kind of person who walks into the bathroom and grabs the first brush you find? Or do you pick a style of brush according to your hair length and type? Perhaps you weren’t aware, but the type of hairbrush that you use has a lot to do with how easy it is to style your hair.

Wide Tooth Comb

When your hair is wet, you’ll want to ensure you use a wide tooth comb to gently de-tangle hair with minimal damage. People whose hair tangles easily ought to also consider this comb for dry styling, and many with curly hair find it’s best for de-tangling while keeping curls intact.

Rattail Comb

Use a rattail comb for styling and parting hair; its fine teeth are great for smoothing out bumps, and the “rattail” fine tip on the handle is great for partitioning hair and creating that perfectly straight part.

Paddle Hair Brush

To get long, straight hair that’s sleek, shiny and tangle-free, use a paddle brush (usually flat and wide), for drying and styling hair.

Vented Brush

Hair look a little flat? Add boosting volume by using a vented brush. Vented brushes have hollow centers that let through a heated stream of air from the blow dryer which helps hair dry faster and with a little more volume.

Teasing Brush / Tangle Teezer Brush

Let’s say you dried your hair with a vented brush for volume but you still want to add a little more volume to the crown of your head for that updo. Use a Teasing Brush and brush the backside of the hair down towards the root, purposely creating tiny knots that naturally keep your hair from lying flat on the scalp. Obviously, teasing can cause tangling problems if you’re not careful. For those times that you create more of a rat’s nest on your head than you’d like, use a Tangle Teezer Brush (cone-shaped with plastic bristles) to detangle and re-tease.

Natural Bristle Brush

Why use a bristle brush? Oil distribution. If you have naturally oily hair and feel as though you’d benefit from washing it a little less often, consider the natural bristle brush as a way to evenly distribute the oil throughout your hair (so it’s not all concentrated in one spot), instead of washing it yet again.

Synthetic Bristle Brush

If you’re style-drying your hair, try using a synthetic bristle brush, usually made from nylon. These brushes will help provide a smooth blowout
and will help add volume.

Round Brush

Waves and curls happen quickly and easily when you use a round brush for a blowout. Simply use the proper technique, and you can go from wavy and curly to very straight. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the brush, the tighter the curl.

What are you waiting for? Examine your hair type and select a few brushes that would be really helpful for you in styling on a day to day basis.


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