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Why Should You Care About the Launching of Dr Nina Skin?

The beauty industry has been experiencing a shift toward natural and authentic products, with many mainstream brands following suits. So the launching of Dr Nina Skin begs the question of whether it’s just another brand added to the list or something that is going to make a real difference. Let’s dig deeper into the matter below.

As the industrial age matures, people get to learn more about the industrial production process. Eventually, they have become aware of the drawbacks of mass productions. For the beauty industry, it includes the lack of personalisation and use of chemicals. To mitigate these concerns, manufacturers have been using more natural ingredients in producing their skincare lines. Many new brands have been launched as well to meet the demands of all-natural beauty products.

Just recently, another new brand came to the market with the launching of

Their debut product is the all-natural Dr Nina Face Sculpt Serum. Amidst such a vast array of options, the question is, why should you care?

A Result of 12 Years’ Experience

Like many other founders of a new beauty line, Dr Nina Bal is a media personality who appeared on the Morning Show. Unlike many of her peers, however, she is a doctor with 12 years of experience in cosmetic dental surgery and facial aesthetics.

Over the years, she has served to solve numerous skin-related issues in her London clinic. While doing so, she noticed the common difficulties people face and the damage some beauty products cause to their skin. Finding no viable product available in the market to combat these issues, Dr Nina has developed her own line of natural products. This perfect combination of scientific knowledge, first-hand experience, and client discussion is what makes her unique in the current beauty scene.

A Formula Developed Over 2 Years

As you may imagine from her profession, Dr Nina is not used to leaving things to chances. She would much rather take her time until she knows all the scientific facts about a particular skin issue or solution. She approached the development of her debut formula in the same way over a period of more than 2 years. During these periods, each ingredient has been tested in various ways to find the perfect mix for radiant skins. The result is a face serum that works wonders in enhancing the natural glow and is suitable for all skin types.

Cruelty-free, All-natural Product

Dr Nina is not only sensitive to human needs but also the animals’. Therefore, she uses no animal testing in the development phase. She only uses natural ingredients, but not anything sourced by causing any environmental harm. This brilliant sensibility combined with a wider responsibility to the natural cause bodes well for the current consciousness. If the brand continues to put in the same effort for all its products, it won’t take long for you to care. You may as well start now!

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