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Katarina Van Derham

  • Makeup For Asian Beauty – Part 1, Foundation & Contouring

    While majority of women prefer to wear the cat eye look, Asian women don't. They love their eye makeup to be...

    Katarina Van DerhamDecember 9, 2012
  • Retro 60’s Look

    I am a big fan of classic beauty and always love playing with different retro looks. Here is one of them...

    Katarina Van DerhamDecember 8, 2012
  • How to Get Sexy Bouncy Hair

    How To Achieve Sexy Bouncy Hair? It is easier than you think but you need the right tools! Here is what...

    Katarina Van DerhamNovember 28, 2012
  • Boho Smokey Eyes Using Whiplash Cosmetics

    Many of you already know my way of doing smokey eyes. If not, watch the video below. To create this look...

    Katarina Van DerhamNovember 23, 2012
  • What Blush to Wear with Red Lips

    I often see girls wearing a pink color blush with red lips. It is cute but I prefer to wear redish...

    Katarina Van DerhamJuly 9, 2012
  • Fashion Bronzy Look for a Photoshoot

    Very often I see photos where the photographer intended to shoot fashion but the photos came out looking more glamour. Make-up...

    Katarina Van DerhamJune 20, 2012
  • Makeup for a NIGHT OUT

    Watch our make-up tutorial to learn one of the ways to look sexy, flirty and glamourous on your night out

    Katarina Van DerhamJune 10, 2012
  • Smokey Eyes – Glamour Makeup

    I fell in love with makeup when I was about 15. Growing up in Slovakia in the 80's we didn't have...

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 31, 2012
  • Get Chelsea’s Look

    Young, Fresh and very VIVA GLAM!

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 6, 2012
  • Get Sona’s Look

    Beautiful, sultry and classy. This look requires a pair of top and bottom eyelashes. These matte colors make the make-up blend...

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 1, 2012
  • Fashion Look

    One of the ways to achieve the perfect fashion look

    Katarina Van DerhamApril 30, 2012