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African Black Soap. A Miracle Beauty Bar? Dr. Oz says, “Erase 5 Years Off Your Face!”

What is “African Black Soap”, why is it so good, and what makes it different from other soaps than claim to be Beauty Bars? What makes it so good that Dr. Oz recommends it on his show?

First of all, there are good products out there and there are bad products, but there are also products that fall short of delivering the benefits that are claimed. Many soap products are highly process and/or chemically enhanced, so are “Dead” in comparison to natural products. Even traditional “Cold Creams” for removing makeup are made of Bees Wax, Animal Fats, or even Petroleum Based products, so can clog pours, in addition, are “dead’. I like to also move people away from products that harm animals in general. Cruelty to animals is one of my major concerns.

As soon as I found out about this Black Soap and that Dr. Oz recommended it, I started to ask all my “Model” friends if they’ve ever heard of it. It was about 50/50 who knew what it is. Some of my friends however are using the product. One has been using African Black Soap for over a year now, and loves it. Can you imagine a Soap that is gentile enough to remove makeup and keep your skin young and healthy? So, I use it now, as per recommendation from my friends who have been using it regularly, and now I’m sharing this with you.

What are the Benefits of black soap?

– The first and obvious is, it helps deep clean skin, but it also adds oils and moisturizes at the same time.

– It works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin.

– It helps clear skin bumps and spots, even smoothes the skin. Some have said the results are like Microdermabrasion without the abrasion or the side effects.

– Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems.

– Great for removing makeup.

– Works against premature facial lines and wrinkles.

– Can be lathered and used as a shampoo.

Black soap contains a high concentration of natural Glycerin, causing it to absorb moisture from the air quickly. This type of soap will last longer when stored in a sealed, dry container or bag. This applies only to the solid bars of black soap, not liquid black soap.

Because it absorbs water easily it is considered Hydrophilic as apposed to Hydrophobic.

It attracts moisture from the air as opposed to rejecting moisture like an alkaline, so keep it from sitting in water or it will dissolve away. What this means for your skin is, the Glycerin attracts moisture from the air, into your skin. A natural moisturizer! And that’s in a soap, and it’s natural? Wow!

It has been made for centuries by using local “Bulk Plants” of these regions of Africa, and those local plants happen to be Coconut Palms, Plantain Banana, Cocoa Pods, and Shea Tree bark, it’s rich in all the oils that have proven to be beneficial to the skin. High in natural Vitamin A and E and antioxidants, which couldn’t be any better for the skin. The plantain skins give the soap Vitamin A & E, as well as iron. Because the soap has Shea butter, it also offers UV protection.

The soap is also good for sensitive skin, meaning it’s a good option for babies or the elderly. Some people with caffeine sensitivities may need to test the soap that contains cocoa pods as there is some evidence that the caffeine can be transmitted through contact with the skin.

For every one else, that’s a mild stimulation of the skin that helps in circulation of the skin, so is an additional benefit. In fact, some Over The Counter Beauty Products contain Caffeine, just for that purpose. When Dr. Oz suggests, “Erase 5 Year of Your Face”, is seems to be natural product that performs in improving skin and decrease aging of the skin. It replenishes oils in the skin as it cleans, through nature sources of Vitamin A and E, as opposed to other “Alkaline Bases” soaps that remove oils and moisture and desicate the skin. (Desicate: To dry out by removing moisture)

African Black Soap is a Centuries Old traditional recipe that leaves skin blemish free that looks fresher and younger than ever. Some say, it works like microdermabrasion without the abrasion or the side effects. Authentic African Black Soap is still made today by the people of Nigeria and in other West African regions. It is believed that this tradition dates back to the original Egyptian homeland (North Africa). The soap is based on the ancient art of Soap Making finding a revival of interest today, and most recently, by the mention of the benefits by Dr. Oz.

African black soap contains antibacterial properties that aid in the prevention of acne and blemishes.  It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which are beneficial for suppressing free radicals, which cause premature aging.

African black soap is rich in “Plant Based” oils and butters, which makes it an effective makeup remover.

With all the “Good Science” behind the ingredients and their proven benefits to the skin (Vitamins A & E, antioxidants, Shea Oil, Palm Oil, Banana Oil) it might just be that natural “Miracle Beauty Bar”, or “Fountain of Youth” we’ve all been looking for?

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