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What should you wear on your big upcoming date with that special someone — and how much cleavage is too much?

Based on a national survey representative of 1,000 people, Style Lend [] — a peer-to-peer marketplace for borrowing and renting designer dresses — has found that men and women have strong preferences about how sexy to dress on that big date:

* TEASE A LITTLE: On a date, one-third of both women and men prefer a “hint of cleavage” (34% women, 33% men) over “full cleavage / very low cut” (3% women, 10% men) or “partial cleavage / somewhat low cut” (20% women, 31% men).
“No cleavage” was preferred by 22% of women and only 11% of men.

Both men and women believe that for formal or semi-formal venues on a date, women should show more cleavage than otherwise.

* BE PUT TOGETHER: Both women and men prefer that their dates or significant others be “moderately dressed up” on that hot date (48% women, 33% men).
However, very “formal” attire is only preferred by 5% of women and 14% of men. Why not rent a perfect moderate dress instead of buying? [] is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can rent that
Diane von Furstenberg piece that’s way too pricey to buy for just one date.


Style Lend is a localized peer-to-peer community marketplace where fashionable women have access to an infinite dream closet.
Want to earn extra cash by lending beautiful dresses you don’t frequently use? Want to wear a special dress for one night without spending $300+ a pop? Go to to lend or rent the perfect designer dress.

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