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Do you remember the amazing music of the 1960’s? If so, consider yourself lucky. If you weren’t around yet, you’ve most likely heard about the rock festivals filled with crowds of music fans sporting a bohemian-style and expressing social harmony in the summer of love.

Although rock & roll in the early 60s began with turtle necks and pencil skirts, I’d like to pick it up from the era of Janis Joplin, when rock & roll became bolder, sexier and more enchanting .¨ the era of bell-bottom jeans, sequins and the suede mini skirt. The music of the 60’s said “Bye, Bye Baby” and the new fashion styles told the bell bottoms to “Move Over.”

As decades have come and gone, we certainly have seen it all – heavy eyeliner, poodle hair, zebra pants and gigantic shoulder pads. And, as they say, “History repeats itself.” Even today, you can go to concerts and still see the eternal influence of the righteous 60’s in the fringed vests, patterned bandanas and acid washed jeans.

Whether you are a rock & roll female enthusiast, a loyal groupie or simply someone who loves the rock & roll style, you will appreciate our next few tips from a true rocker chick herself, Holley Wolfe, on how to look cool, chic and rocked out in today’s modern world.

Look 1- Running around town

When I know I have a busy day of errands, shopping, etc. I want to look cute but be very comfortable at the same time, which is why I always go to the maxi skirts and dresses. This look is beyond effortless. Pair up the skirt with a V-neck tee like the one in the photo, or even a cute graphic/rock band tee. The use of accessories can polish up any look. Here I threw on an elastic metal link belt, my favorite scarf, a bit of jewelry, my Stella McCartney faux leather bag, and I am ready to go!

Look 2- Music Festival

If there is one thing I love in fashion, it’s fringe! When I laid eyes on this dress, my heart nearly beat out of its chest. It is lightweight cotton, has the rocker/hippie vibe, and is beyond sexy. I paired it with a jeweled vest to glam it up, a headband, and some chunky shoes, and then I am off to Coachella!

Look 3- Red Carpet Ready

I choose extra wisely when I know I am preparing a look for the red carpet. Not only do I want something that defines me and my style, I want something that is going to look flattering from any angle a camera may be shooting from. Having a comfortably snug leather top and a long, slimming, chiffon bottom, I was confident that this was the dress for LA fashion week. I rocked it up with a statement necklace and leather gloves and was red carpet ready! Best of all, this is such a universal piece, so I can style it with different accessories to fit various events.

Hair and Makeup Idea

  • – Earth tones
  • – Smokey eyes
  • – Liquid eyeliner
  • – Nude lips
  • – Sheer gloss
  • – Hair clip-in pieces
  • – Braids

Look 4- Cocktails/Classy night out

While I love a good jeans and T shirt dive bar sometimes, I love a good classy joint just as much. The long sleeves and high neckline gives this dress class, but the sideways high-low hemline and the sheer lace detail gives that prefect touch of edge. A statement necklace, chunky bracelet, skull clutch, and simple Christian Louboutins have me ready to sip martinis at the piano bar.

Look 5- Rock Show

I love getting ready for a rock show, because I know I can really “amp” it up. I love accessories, and when I am putting this look together, it’s safe to say I may go overboard at times, but in the best possible way. I start with come cool pants, sometimes leather, but there are so many cool alternatives that are far more comfortable like these waxed moto jeans. Next, I generally do a plain tank, due to the overload of accessories, and you never know how the climate could be. Then I grab the coolest jacket in my closet, like this one of a kind leather jacket, some statement boots ( usually with metal detailing somewhere), as many rings as I can fit, a necklace or two, maybe a scarf, and I am ready to ROCK!


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