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Victoria’s Secrets’ SEXIEST Runway Looks

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Let’s take a look at Victoria’s Secrets’ SEXIEST runway looks ever!

When you think of sexy supermodels, quite often Victoria’s Secrets supermodels come to mind. After all, Victoria’s Secrets’ Angels are known for slender and sexy figures that are perfectly toned and in shape.
Men fantasize about being with an Angel and women want to look like them. Basically, they are the epitome of the ideal, sexy supermodel!

And while not many of us will actually have a chance at dating an Angel or really looking like one, each year, we look forward to the Victoria’s Secrets’ Fashion Show. Why?
This is a fashion extravaganza that showcases not only the Angels, but also some of their hottest, newest and SEXIEST looks! We love watching this show every year because of the inspiration! The Angels are at their absolute best and so is the fashion!

Now, this may not be fashion that you would walk down the street in everyday. Rather, there is an element of
So, come with us and let your imagination run wild as we take a look at some of Victoria’s Secrets’ sexiest runway looks ever!

Looking lovely in dandelion yellow in a Grecian inspired look!

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