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Katarina Van Derham

  • How to Get Big Sexy Hair

    How to achieve big sexy hair? Watch our 2 videos to learn how... And make sure to subscribe!!!

    Katarina Van DerhamAugust 24, 2012
  • What Blush to Wear with Red Lips

    I often see girls wearing a pink color blush with red lips. It is cute but I prefer to wear redish...

    Katarina Van DerhamJuly 9, 2012
  • Fashion Bronzy Look for a Photoshoot

    Very often I see photos where the photographer intended to shoot fashion but the photos came out looking more glamour. Make-up...

    Katarina Van DerhamJune 20, 2012
  • Makeup for a NIGHT OUT

    Watch our make-up tutorial to learn one of the ways to look sexy, flirty and glamourous on your night out

    Katarina Van DerhamJune 10, 2012
  • Smokey Eyes – Glamour Makeup

    I fell in love with makeup when I was about 15. Growing up in Slovakia in the 80's we didn't have...

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 31, 2012
  • Get Chelsea’s Look

    Young, Fresh and very VIVA GLAM!

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 6, 2012
  • Get Sona’s Look

    Beautiful, sultry and classy. This look requires a pair of top and bottom eyelashes. These matte colors make the make-up blend...

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 1, 2012
  • Fashion Look

    One of the ways to achieve the perfect fashion look

    Katarina Van DerhamApril 30, 2012
  • Bronzy Glamour Look

    How to get the perfect bronzy glamour look

    vivaglamApril 30, 2012