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Good nutrition starts with smart choices at the grocery store. Don’t be fooled by false labels and fancy marketing. Follow these tips to be supermarket savvy!

Good nutrition starts with smart choices at the grocery store. Don’t be fooled by false labels and fancy marketing. Follow these tips to be supermarket savvy!

1. PLAN AHEAD: Before you go to the grocery store, see what your work week is like. Proper planning is essential to see where you are going to plug in your meals and snacks. Always expect the unexpected. It is better to be more prepared than starving only to make a bad choice out of hunger.

2. WRITE A LIST: After you have looked at the week ahead of you, plan only to get what you need. Plan meals, snacks, and prepare for the unexpected. Not only will you save money, you will save calories! If you don’t have a list, you might opt to pick unnecessary calories that your body does not need off of impulse. Stay strong and don’t veer from the list.

3. DON’T GO HUNGRY: You are more apt to buy junk from your hunger impulses. Make sure to eat a meal or have a snack before you enter grocery store. I usual eat a banana and a handful of nuts. This will tide me over until I get home and can prepare a meal. Oh, and if hungry, stick to the list! Can’t stress this enough! Get in and get out fast before you make bad hungry decisions.

4. CREATE A FOOD BUDGET: Believe it or not, you will save money (and your health) be eating real whole foods. High refined processed food will trigger you to be hungrier. By planning your meals and snacks you will have a list of necessary food items. You will save money by sticking to your whole food meal plan and feel satisfied.

5. SHOP THE OUTER PERIMETERS: Whether you are prepared or you happen to forget your list, shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store. If you take a look, most grocery stores will have the produce, lean proteins, and bulk food like nuts and grains on the perimeters. When and doubt, shop the perimeters.

6. AVOID FROZEN DINNERS OR PREPARED ENTREES: Again, these cost way more and are usually much less nutritious. Stick to real whole fresh foods.

7. DRINK WATER: Necessary for life! If you regularly drink iced tea, energy drinks, sodas or other types of drinks, cut those out completely and just drink water. It’s much better for you, and much cheaper. If you don’t have a good filtered water system at home, buy Essentia bottle water. The bottle is BPA-free and Essentia’s superior hydrating qualities come from our proprietary electrolyte formula and higher pH of 9.5. Better for your body!

8. BUY IN BULK: If it makes sense when buying a certain food item in a larger quantity, but bulk. It will save you money in the long run. Like they say, every penny counts!

9. CLIP COUPONS AND LOOK FOR SPECIALS: When eating real whole foods, it is hard to find coupons for these items but there are there. You have to look for them. I will get my grocery store newspaper and see a special on something like organic avocados or oranges.

10. VARIETY: Most people tend to eat the same food over and over again. Variety is the spice of life. Change it up and try new fruits and veggies to nourish your body. Get a cook book or look for a new healthy recipe online. Challenge yourself!

Happy grocery store shopping!


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