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The Rise of Organic Wine in 2022

Because of the pandemic, sustainability is reaching its peak of importance since consumers are more concerned about their drink and food intake. As a result, their concerns fuel the rising development of the organic wine movement all across the globe. 

There is an enormous amount of organic wine consumption, creating a more significant organic wine production worldwide.

Almost 60% of all organic wine production in Europe is produced in Italy, France, and Spain. Italy and Spain lead the production with 54.8m hectolitres and 44.4m hectolitres, respectively, while France comes in third place with 24.1m hectolitres.

As for consumption, France, Germany, and the UK are the most significant organic wine consumers. 

In France, in 2020, there were 9.3 million 12-bottle cases sold, and because the demand is rising, it is expected to reach a sales number of at least 17.3 million cases by 2022.

In Germany, 21.5% or around 8.9 million purchase organic wine less than once a month, whereas in the UK, the consumption of organic wine is higher than 5% of the total consumption, and by 2022 the percentage will be nearly doubled to 9% of total wine consumption. 

Forecasts by experts show that the organic wine market will manage to extend to 87.5m cases by 2022, and even more impressive is that the organic wine subcategory is expected to increase with a 9.2% compound annual growth rate for the 2017-2022 period.

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