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The Tourism Industry is Back, and Germany is Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel!

Finally, at the end of 2021, and after much anticipation, the world is opening back up! But what does the future of travel look like in a post-pandemic world? Well, according to the Germany National Tourism Board, sustainable travel is the way of the future! Of course, this makes sense as sustainability has been increasing around the world for years. Since Germany is leading the way in sustainable travel and is believed by a majority that it will do the most for climate change in the next 5 years, we want to share with you why Germany is the “feel good” place to visit in 2021 and 2022 and why you should make this gorgeous location your next stop around the world.

First, we should mention the importance of travel safety as the world recovers from COVID. Germany is absolutely taking these precautions seriously, which is important in the travel industry now. With vaccine requirements, COVID test requirements, and with airlines doing their part through additional sanitation, you can feel safe on your travels to Germany. Before you depart, just make sure you read about the entry requirements here:

It’s All About the Culture

If you’re still wondering why Germany should be your top destination for the next year of travel, allow us to set the record straight for you. Germany was voted #1 in 50 nations worldwide for culture and tourism, so if you’re going to Germany, there is so much to see and explore culturally. From big cities to small villages to giant palaces to natural wonderlands, you can find it all in Germany!

This year, Germany is celebrating 1,700 years of Jewish Life in Germany thanks to emperor Constantine passing the Edict of Milan in the early 300s. This will be celebrated in over 65 unique destinations and with the upcoming Passion Play.

Another great reason to visit Germany would be for a Health and Wellness Getaway. Who doesn’t need a relaxing escape after this past year? Germany has so many glamorous, royal spa destinations to help harness the healing power of nature, so it’s a top wellness destination. Several German spas have recently been added as world heritage additions with UNESCO, solidifying this fact. So, it you don’t think of Germany when you think about a spa getaway, think again!

Speaking of relaxing, 2021 and 2022 in Germany will be all about feeling good! The Feel-Good campaign offers over 1,300 luxury resort destinations with over 3,000 certified sustainable accommodations. There is so much to see in Germany, so you can plan any trip that fits your personality.

Lastly, it’s important to appreciate the local flare, green destinations, craft, and cuisine when you make it out to Germany, as that’s where you’ll find the real personality of this amazing country.

Sustainability, culture, heritage, wellness, and feeling good: these are the key reasons why you should be planning a trip to Germany in your immediate future. If you need help planning the best destinations for your trip, be sure to visit the Germany National Tourism Board for help with your planning. We know that we’ll be checking out the wonders that Germany has to offer sooner rather than later, so stay tuned as the VIVA GLAM magazine team brings you more updates and personal experiences regarding the most exciting places Germany has to offer. Plan your next trip to Germany and utilize the hashtags #yourstrulyGermany and #seeyousoon throughout your trips. See you in Germany!


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