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The Prettiest Women in Sports

The world of sports is a very competitive and diverse environment. Here, not only do men go against men and women against women; the two sexes have been battling against each other to prove, which one was better at it. Just the legendary tennis brawl between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs will suffice to prove this point.

However, despite this active competition, both men and women are exceptional in their fields and there’s no fair competition between them. On the one hand, we have legendary sportsmen such as Leonel Messi, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, etc. and on the other, the aforementioned Billie Jean, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, etc.

One of the aspects of reviewing the athletes is their attractiveness. And although it does nothing to do with their actual performance, it’s still something that a lot of people discuss. Again, both sexes have their exceptional representatives in this sense. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the prettiest and most attractive women in sports. So, here are 7 most attractive of them:

Anastasia Luppova

Anastasia is a 33-year-old Russian billiards player who didn’t really begin her career in this sport. She graduated from Kazan’s art and music school. However, with the help and encouragement of her father, she quickly got into the field of billiards.

The Russian athlete is a European miracle, so to speak. She has won the European championship in the Russian pyramid twice, became a Moscow’s vibrant pyramid champion, and the Sports Master. Plus, she also won the contest for Miss Billiards in 2009 and after that, she continued her career as a billiards coach.

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic is a 31-year-old Serbian tennis player who has seen a lot of acclaim and fame in her career. As a professional player since 2003, she’s been rewarded with WTA Tour singles for 14 different times, and that includes one title for the Grand Slam singles.

She has also been included in some of the most prestigious rankings such as “30 Women’s Tennis Legends: Past, Present, Future” in 2011. The reporter Matthew Croninon has also included her into the list of the Top 100 Greatest Players Ever (both sexes, obviously). In 2017, she announced that she was retiring from tennis due to her reducing performing standards.

Alicia Sacramone

This 31-year-old American artistic gymnast is one of the most acclaimed athletes in the United States. Alicia, unlike Anastasia Lupova, has been pursuing her gymnastics career ever since she was a child. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she began studying dance when she was just five years old. At the age of eight, she already started training in gymnastics.

From the year 2002, she’s been competing in the elite gymnastics ranks and a year after, Alicia was already a US National Team member. From 2004-2010, she has won a total of 10 gold medals. She is also considered the second most decorated gymnast representing the United States on World Championship.

Ada Hegerberg

Ada Hegerberg is a 24-year-old Norwegian soccer player representing her country at the youth international level. In 2011, she made her debut in the senior team and two years after that, she was a member of the silver medalist soccer team at the UEFA Women’s Championship 2013. And since the Norwegian betting sites offer best bonuses, the athlete made some lucrative plays for her fans.

Just like any other female athlete that we’ve listed above, Ada Hegerberg is also a renowned sportswoman who has received many awards. In 2016, Ada was awarded the UEFA Best Women’s Player in Europe Award while in 2017 and 2019, she was named BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year. Plus, she has scored a record amount of goals in a UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Anna Rawson

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Anna Rawson, a 37-year-old Australian golfer, is as much an athlete as she is a model. In fact, she started her career as a model when she was sixteen. Over the years, she’s been a recipient of many prestigious modelling awards. For instance, she was the finalist in the Australian cover competition for “Dolly” Magazine.

However, we’re here to weigh in her sports career, right? She first stepped into the field of golf in 1999 as an amateur player. Since then, Anna has been playing on the LPGA Tour, as well as the Ladies European Tour as a professional Australian golfer. On top of that, she has also won the Women’s British Open, Kraft Nabisco Champion, and many other top-tier tournaments.

Michelle Wie

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Yet another female golfer in our attractive athletes’ list is Michelle Wie, a 29-year-old American professional golfer. She’s an exceptional golfer not only for her outstanding achievements in her late career but also because she became a world-class golfer before she even reached the age of fifteen.

Michelle has proven that she has one of the most powerful and at the same time, technically accurate strokes that can easily compete with any other professional golfer. In January 2004, she participated in a male golf championship, the Sony Open where she beat 46 males. In the same year, she was a member of the US team that won the prestigious Curtis Cup. She definitely is a powerful force in this sport.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is a 29-year-old American soccer player who has also been a recipient of a lot of fame and success. She became the youngest member of the US National Women’s Soccer Team; she even was the first general selection in the Women’s Professional Soccer of 2011 draft list.

Her success started in 2012 when she won her first-ever gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games when she assisted her team to defeat Japan. In 2015, she was already a captain of the US team when they defeated Japan once again and won the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Sports don’t have gender

The women in sports are just as fierce and competitive as men can be. Those 7 athletes that we’ve listed above have proved over the course of their career that there’s no effective difference between men and women in terms of what they can achieve and how much success they can attain.

Sure, the ones listed here are also exceptional for their attractiveness and beauty, and that couldn’t be a bad thing to recognize, however, capitalizing on that side of those athletes isn’t quite relevant in sports. There are many other female athletes that are just as much, if not more, successful in their careers.


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