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The Flower Power Spirit

The spirit of the Flower Child is still alive and accessible to us all 52 years later.

A flower child is defined as “a person, especially a hippie, rejecting conventional society and advocating love, peace, and simple idealistic values.”

It’s about love. 

Love is all that really matters. 

There is this incredible and beautifully colored thread that weaves through us all and connects us in truth and love

When it comes down to it, love is all that matters; it’s who we are at our core; it’s how our souls and hearts speak to each other. 

“Love brings us into this world, and it’s what leads us on.”

LOVE is the most amazing way to move through life; it was the core belief of the original Flower Children. 

The word “flower child” originated as a synonym for hippie, especially among the idealistic young people who gathered in San Francisco and the surrounding area during the Summer of Love in 1967. 

In 1967 as many as 100,000 young people from all over the world flocked to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, Berkeley, and other Bay Area cities during the Summer of Love in search of different value systems and experiences. 

The Summer of Love became a watershed event in the development of a worldwide 1960s counter culture, when newly recruited flower children returned home at the end of the summer, taking with them new styles, ideas, and behaviors and introducing them in all major cities of the U.S. and western Europe.

The force behind love is limitless. I believe if we come together and release the love in our hearts, it will unleash a force powerful enough to carry us into a brilliant new tomorrow. LOVE is really all we need. Everything we have to give, that’s worth giving, comes from the heart, comes from love.

We all have to remember how incredible and amazing the energy of love is! We will always be exactly where we’re supposed to be if we allow the spirit of love to move in our life. 

“Love is the most powerful and cherished emotion we have as human beings, it’s our great connection to God, the universe, our power source.” 

The Love in our human hearts has the unique capacity to bridge the souls of humanity. If anyone thinks they can dismiss or discount love through politics or religion, they’re crazy; they can’t. 

I’ve always know from a very deep place in my heart that great misunderstanding creates great fear, and anyone who has ever felt terribly different and alone should know that terrible is not what they should feel. I personally know what it’s like to be in despair, to be rejected, and to feel different and terrible. I also know what it’s like to love and be loved. 

The heart is extraordinarily powerful, and love is an amazing force; love always wins. When put to the test, love always wins. 

Look, I’m not a politician, I’m a humanist; I know about the heart. I know about it’s great capacity for love, and I know for sure, we all have this great capacity for love.

I know the human heart, and the heart must be honored, it must!

Love, love, love, nothing else matters, nothing.

“Our greatest power lies not in our minds, but in our hearts.”

Let’s keep this beautiful spirit alive, looking at the world through the eyes of love, and spreading peace and love as much, and as often as possible.

Release your inner FLOWER CHILD! Love the WHOLE WORLD! 

Give someone a flower, just for LOVE’s sake!

Peace out.


The Body Always Wins

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