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Myster Blu On Tuesdays in Colorado Prison

“Opening my mind to truly understand the freedom of meditation is the greatest thing I have ever done. I am at complete peace now no matter what happens in my life. I never realized just how much my inner self craved to be recognized.” – Prison Inmate

Tuesday after Tuesday, through the power of meditation and the force behind love, I’m witnessing massive groups of men being moved towards a common goal of peace, freedom, and truth. I’m seeing lives changing and transforming right before my eyes. My own life is completely altered after every Tuesday. 

Thousands of men in one of society’s darkest places are experiencing enlightenment and love in its truest and bravest form. 

The cushion I sit on is humbling. 

My intention behind this article is to share what I’m experiencing behind these walls.

What I’ve come to understand is this; the more we allow ourselves to come to the truthful space of meditation, the more this space reveals its truth, and sometimes the most brilliant sparks of truth and light are found right in the midst of our deepest suffering – in our darkest places.

I’m extremely careful when writing about my prison work; I’m careful because I want to make sure I always honor these men’s privacy. But, I also feel it necessary to let you know what’s going on in there. So, I’ve decided to write this article…to share just how incredible it is to be allowed behind these walls…beyond the bars that lock them in.

You have know idea, and I don’t even know how to fully explain it…but there is something absolutely miraculous taking place behind these walls; peace is being revealed in the most unexpected place.

We started this program with only 11 men, one class every Tuesday. We started at the end of last April. We were unsure if it would work, and I agreed and committed myself to show up even if there were only 3 guys that signed up…my feeling was that just one life touched would have a powerful impact.

Well, here we are a year later…this meditation program has never dropped in numbers…it has grown like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m now sitting with 3 to 4 massive groups of men every Tuesday. Over 120 men signing up to join the meditation every week. Just mind blowing and overwhelming. 

We can feel the presence of a phenomenon dwelling with us…when I open my eyes after 45 minutes in meditation…I see before me an unbelievable sight…I see hearts cracked wide open…I see tears…I see men changing and softening right before my eyes.

This is by far the most beautiful and healing experience of my life. 

Even in our darkest places…even in our deepest suffering…peace can be found…peace is available. 

I am so incredibly grateful for this prison allowing me to walk through it’s doors every Tuesday. I’m grateful for the thousands of men that have sat in front of me and opened their hearts

I open my eyes at the end of every meditation session overwhelmed and emotionally stunned. I leave most of the time with tears of joy streaming down my face. 

What this dude knows for sure…is this…there is nothing more powerful than the force behind love…nothing! It’s a phenomenon that we have a hard time quantifying. I have the extreme privilege to see that amazing force in action…I see it changing men right in front of me. Love in action is an awesome thing to witness. There is nothing more powerful…or more life changing. Love…it changes everything. 

After every man attends 3 meditation sessions, they receive a free journal and a survey where they have an opportunity to leave a written statement about what this meditation means to them.

This is a testimony from an inmate yesterday…

“I would not have thought that one could experience any positives in jail, but I was completely wrong because I have awakened an inner peace that I could never find before.”— Colorado Prison Inmate August 6, 2019


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