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The Body Always Wins

“The body keeps score, and the body always wins!”
I absolutely love this quote by Brene Brown! It couldn’t be more right on the money!

We go through life dealing with things the best we know how at the time, and sometimes, often times, things are too painful, so we acknowledge them and then push them down, we bury them deep within our bodies, deep within ourselves. And we think that’s it, we’ve dealt with it, it’s done, end of story! Well!?!?!? NOT TRUE! Like Miss Brown says…”The body keeps score, and it always wins!”

Our bodies will tell us when they’ve had enough, when they can’t take any more, and when they’ve reached their limit. Trauma and secrets are like poison if we bury them in our bodies, and our bodies will begin to deal with that poison in the only way it knows how…disease, illness, etc. You get the picture? “The body keeps score, and IT always wins!

“Many people think that trauma changes you just on an emotional level. In fact, the changes go all the way down to every tiny cell in your body. Most importantly, trauma can impact your brain in ways that change who you are and how you live.”
-Michele Rosenthal

“The symptoms of trauma can manifest both physically and mentally. The mind is, after all, part of the body. Issues like depression or anxiety may prevent us from eating healthy meals or keeping healthy schedules. In some cases, people try to feel better the best way they know how, and they may attempt the temporary “fix” of drug or alcohol use.”. -Foundation Recovery Network

“When we bury our emotions, we lose touch with who we really are, because our feelings are an integral part of us. We live our lives terrified that if we let the mask drop, we’ll no longer be cared for, loved, or accepted.” -Andrea Brandt, PhD

If we would find the courage to embrace all that is within us, even the dark parts, and deal with them- those very things will save us. But if we don’t embrace and deal with all that is within us- those very things will destroy us. It’s deep understanding that will perpetuate growth in the direction of freedom. It’s our truth that will save us and set us free. Our willingness to confront and fight the demons of our past will ignite a spark in the soul and cause our angels to sing. Our pain must be the fuel for our strength.

“The best way to uncover the authentic you underneath the false self is by talking to a therapist who specializes in childhood emotional trauma and can help you reconnect with your feelings and express your emotions in a way that makes you feel both safe and whole.” -Andrea Brandt, PhD

In closing, I just want to say that I wrote this article from a very personal place, it comes from first-hand knowledge. I thought I had dealt with the trauma of being sexually abused as a child, but I was so wrong. Acknowledging it and then burying it was NOT dealing with it. The effects of keeping this secret almost killed me! My body could not keep it a secret any longer. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months, started having seizures, and ended up in one of the darkest depressions of my life.

My body was keeping score, and my body WON! It refused to let me hold this secret any longer. My body was basically giving me a choice, either deal with this darkness and save yourself, or keep it buried and destroy yourself! I chose to live! I chose freedom! I chose to fight the demons of my past! And I chose to be victorious!

In the end I can promise you one thing…there is so much beauty on the other side of pain.

-Myster Blu


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