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“We can do no great things,

Only small things with great love.”

                      —Mother Teresa

The moments of life when we’re truly connected to God shall be precious and touch the lives of many. Our lives are not measured my the moon’s path but by the strength of love and divine intercession. Man has been given many powers, and as of late, has been prone to find false promise in the powers of the mind. We have strayed from the power in our hearts. Our greatest power lies not in our minds but in our hearts.

We are the flesh of our parents on earth, but we are spirits of a force much greater then ourselves, a force of infinite love and light. In this form, in this realm, we are given the power of choice. So, we can understand and know that we will continually be tempted to go against our true nature, our truest self. Suffering occurs in our life when we are disconnected from our truth, when we’re going against our natural state. The key is remaining mindful of our hearts and mindful of that spirit which is greater than ourselves, that beautiful divine love.

There are times in our lives when we can experience so much love that we feel our bodies are too small to house the love in our hearts, that are hearts are literally too big for our bodies. This is divine connection. When our hearts are filled with pure love we are in the perfect state to connect and hear the voice of truth. Our divine guide.

Love is the most powerful force on earth and in the cosmos. When our hearts are filled with love, the face we wear is that of the one who created us. We can see that being loved and wanted is the greatest of riches. Nothing brings greater happiness than love. Love is the spirit’s blood.

Hope is the real miracle; the miracle is hope. Hope is the assigning of faith to trouble.

How do you see the world? Do you see it as friendly or unfriendly? The way we look at the world is a direct reflection on how we live our lives. The lens for which we choose to see the world makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. We must have hope. Hope is the form of planning. If we want to see change, we need to be conscious of the possibility of change before we pursue it…this is hope in action. If we don’t have hope, we are defeated before we begin. Hope is the beginning of all change.

Accepting change, and surrendering to change will allow the space and opportunity for new things and fresh beginnings. Letting go and detaching is a very difficult thing to do in this life, but it’s an important action we need to take in order to keep hope alive, find our purpose, and start the process of finding our truth.

Change is definitely difficult, but it’s the only way to honor our calling and reach our full potential as human beings. All change begins with hope.

Through love we will find hope, through hope we will experience the most profound love.



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