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The Divine Truth Within

Learning to sit in our uncomfortableness with our pain and suffering will create deep healing and profound transformation…All bound by divine love…All gifts of immeasurable self awareness.

When we allow ourselves to sit in our uncomfortableness with our pain and suffering, we can begin to understand and acknowledge the truth of where it comes from. And then we become more comfortable being with it and then begin to transform it into something beautiful that will serve humanity in a positive light.

The truths I’ve been privy to understand over the last few months are deep and meaningful.

I find that there are always these certain areas of our lives that we keep unkept and unattended. It isn’t that we don’t care. I think it’s more that we care too much, and too deeply.

We care madly and soul bendingly for our fellow humans and this great human experience.

I’ve come to know that our biggest job on this planet isn’t gaining a bunch of stuff on the external, it has way more to do with peeling away all the layers of shit that have been put on us from birth till now. Put on us by some very well intending people and then some not so well intending people.

We need to realize that once we begin to learn and grow, which starts at birth, people are teaching us from their own personal experiences and truths. So our lives are continually being shaped and formed by other people’s truths and life experiences.

We can learn a great deal from others, but we must recognize that we are born into our own truth. We are really born knowing everything we need to know; it’s about getting back to the truth, our own divine truth.

When we’re born, we’re born whole, complete, just love. When we’re born we know truth; we understand it; we were formed in it. So again, our greatest and most important work in this life is getting back to the truth, back to our highest selves. This is where we’ll connect fully with our purpose and reason for being born onto this planet.

It’s a complicated subject, and it takes a person on a journey of self discovery to be open to hear.

An unexamined life is a life not worth living.

In order to find our deepest life purpose, our calling, and our reason for being on this planet, we need to know ourselves completely. We can’t know anyone or anything fully until we know ourselves fully. This means even the dark parts of ourselves, the parts we don’t like, and the parts we don’t understand. These uncomfortable parts are the parts we must get comfortable with!

Embrace all that is within you…even the dark parts, and deal with them—those very things will save you. But if you do not embrace and deal with all that is within you—those very things will destroy you.

May the love in our hearts project outward and cover our planet with an energy of compassion and empathy for all living creatures. Let us meditate on love, let our meditation honor life, let each meditator listen for truth…This is Divinity in motion…


The Flower Power Spirit

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