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Skyline Smiles and Mind Body Infusion Bring New Meaning to the Term “Self-Care”

Today, it’s become a common trope that when one thinks of going to the dentist, they get scared. They may immediately think of it as a negative experience. But, in reality, a dentist office is a positive place you can go to get healthy, fix up your appearance, and leave, quite literally, with a smile on your face. It’s important to remember that a dentist office is actually a wonderful place that is here to help you. That’s exactly what Dr. Harleen Grewal, DDS, had in mind when she created Skyline Smiles in Santa Clarita, California. She put together a comfortable atmosphere with brilliant modern technology to get rid of this sense of fear.

Skyline Smiles is chic, modern, and very cozy, sitting in a popular spot in Santa Clarita. And, perhaps, what makes it so unique is that this office is connected to Mind Body Infusion Med Spa. It’s the perfect place for patients to go fix up their smile and then be able to get a rejuvenating IV therapy session or another self-care service in the same place. The end result is a very happy customer leaving feeling completely fulfilled in mind, body, and spirit.

An inspiration herself, Dr. Grewal was motivated to bring her business to life after the global pandemic. Her offices serve as a bright spot for people to be able to leave behind their quarantine and go to feel good about themselves. In fact, when you leave Skyline Smiles and/or Mind Body Infusion, you will leave feeling better than you did when you came in. And during the current time in the world, that’s absolutely a treasurable thing. We sat down with Dr. Grewal to discuss her locations and pick her brain about the importance of self-care.

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Dr. Harleen Grewal / Photo by SchlickArt

Harleen, what inspired you to open a dentist office and med spa in one location?

When opening both Skyline Smiles and Mind Body Infusion, I wanted the best of both worlds. I loved the idea that someone could walk into Skyline and brighten their smile, and then walk right down the hall and find a place to revitalize not only their beauty on the outside but on the inside, as well.

What is the mission behind Skyline Smiles and Mind Body Infusion?

Our mission at both Skyline Smiles and Mind Body Infusion is to ensure that each patient walks out of our office feeling better than they did before. Whether it be from a simple teeth cleaning or a rejuvenating IV therapy session, it is important to myself and my team that all our patients know that we strive to help everyone be their best self.

Aside from cleanings, what is the most popular service requested at Skyline Smiles?

I believe our most popular service aside from teeth cleanings would be OrthoFx. OrthoFx is a great way to adjust your smile, without the look of traditional braces. Clear aligners are designed for your teeth specifically, and each week the tray is adjusted to straighten your teeth! OrthoFx is a simple and effective way to enhance anyone’s smile!

Why do you think it’s so important for everyone to have a healthy smile?

I truly believe it is important for everyone to have a healthy smile in order to create a positive lifestyle. When people have a smile they are proud of, it not only promotes a great deal of confidence, but also encourages them to maintain proper care for their teeth, gums, and overall oral health.

Did you always want to be a dentist?

I was always an artist and loved biology; so, wanting to combine the two gave me the idea of being able to be in the healthcare field but also be an artist at the same time

What makes Skyline Smiles unique compared to other dentist offices?

Dentistry can often be a daunting concept for someone of any age. When coming up with the concept for Skyline Smiles, I wanted to make sure that each person who came into the office felt comfortable and calm throughout their entire visit. We have TV’s on the ceilings in each room, with hundreds of options to choose from to keep the mind busy while we shine those teeth, games and toys for children to play with, and even a selfie station to commemorate someone’s first visit in our office! Each room is designed to provide a warmth and tranquil ambiance for everyone.

How do your two offices, Skyline Smiles and Mind Body Infusion, work well together as one unit?

Both Mind Body Infusion and Skyline Smiles go hand in hand because they focus on bettering the way people feel. Our goal for both locations is to grow with each patient and provide the utmost care with any service.

What is the most popular service requested at Mind Body Infusion?

Our new Emerald Laser Treatment is a greatly requested service at our med spa! The Emerald laser is a new and effective way to lose fat, with no downtime, pain, bruising, or freezing! Mind Body Infusion is the only facility in California with this incredible machine. We have patients from all over the state come each week for an hour to sit under the laser and begin their weight loss journey. Our team has studied the benefits of the Emerald laser and crafted amazing packages for patients in order to see optimal results!

What makes Mind Body Infusion so unique? What stands out about it compared to other offices?

Mind Body Infusion is so unique because clients can choose from a variety of treatments, from IV infusion therapy to support your body’s immunity and energy to the latest offers in medical aesthetics. Each treatment is hand crafted and carefully thought out to ensure each person walking in and out of the facility will leave feeling healthier, happier, and with the utmost confidence. Our team takes the time to get to know each patient, going over every detail of a client’s ultimate goal, and leaving them with the satisfaction of knowing that they were in the best of care.

Why do you think it’s healthy for someone to take care of themselves on a cosmetic level?

I believe it is healthy to take care of yourself on a cosmetic level because every man or woman of any age deserves to go through life feeling confident that the way they feel about themselves on the inside is the same way they feel on the outside. I truly believe that if a quick facial session, Botox appointment, or an hour under a state-of-the-art weight loss laser will help someone exude their confidence, they should most certainly take the time to accomplish those things.

What was it like building a business after the global pandemic? How has this experience empowered you?

Building a business after a global pandemic was truly an inspiring experience. The world was so dark and there was so much to be negative about. I wanted to create a space that was bright and open for everyone to come and unwind in, even if it was just for a short period of time. It gave me hope to know that I had the power to open the doors to a new business, where clients and their families are encouraged to relax and release the stress one may carry in their everyday lives. Mind Body Infusion, furthered my strength and reminded me that everyone needs to fight to keep positive atmospheres alive in the world.

Where can our audiences find you online and on social media? 

For those that are curious about the services Skyline Smiles and Mind Body Infusion offers, are encouraged to visit or call the office directly to meet with our amazing team! You can also visit our websites or find us on Instagram and Facebook!





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