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7 Ways to Start Dressing with Confidence

If your clothes make you want to stay inside forever instead of inspiring confidence in you, then you need to learn how to dress with confidence. No matter your shape or size, you can find clothing that makes you feel great, but it does take some practice. Here are seven tips to help you start dressing with confidence:

1. Know your body shape.

Different clothing styles flatter different body shapes, which is why you need to figure out what your body shape is. There are four main body shapes for women: hourglass, rectangle, apple and pear. Hourglass figures have larger breasts and hips but are thinner through the waist. Rectangle figures are relatively thin through both the breasts and hips. Apple figures are rounder through the chest and middle, and pears are thinner through the chest but curvier around the hips. Once you determine your body shape, you can seek out tips on specifically dressing for that shape, which makes a huge difference in how flattering your clothes are.

2. Discover what colors work best.

Color is an equally important component of choosing an outfit. The wrong color can wash you out or make you appear sallow, while the right color will wake up your skin and make you appear vibrant and alive. You need to understand not only your skin tones but also your undertones—whether you have cool, neutral or warm undertones makes a huge difference in what colors flatter you. Two people with similar skin shades but different undertones will need different color garments in order to flatter themselves the most. Learn more about determining your skin undertone here.

3. Find your size.

Wearing the wrong size clothes will quickly make you feel self-conscious about your outfit, whether you’re wearing clothes that are too small or too large. Before you buy any piece of clothing, measure yourself and compare it to the brand’s sizing chart. Not only can your size fluctuate, but size also varies from brand to brand. You might be a size 6 in one brand and a size 8 or even a 10 in another. You might also wear different sizes within the same brand, as some items tend to run smaller or larger than “true” size. For instance, you might need a small in an oversized shirt but a medium in a more fitted blouse. It’s annoying to have to navigate sizes like this, but it’s critical to fostering confidence when you get dressed.

4. Get the right underwear.

The right underwear gives you an instant confidence boost, while the wrong underwear will leave you focused on underwear wedgies and bra cup spillage. Choose comfortable panties in cuts and fabric that you want to wear, whether that’s simple cotton or stretch lace. Make sure that your bras fit you well and that they are the right size and shape for your breasts. If you’d like a little compression support and shaping features than regular underwear can offer, then you should also look into shapewear. Putting on shapewear underneath your garments can make you feel confident and look amazing by minimizing your least favorite features and boosting your favorite features. Just as with regular underwear, make sure that you select the right size of shapewear to achieve the effects that you want.

5. Evaluate outfits you love.

Most women have at least one or two outfits that make them feel absolutely amazing, even if they don’t completely realize why. Try on these outfits and really be analytical about why they make you feel so good. Maybe the fit is absolutely perfect, or the cut really flatters your figure, or the neckline makes your breasts look amazing. Once you’ve figured out what makes the outfits some of your favorites, look for similar features in new clothes. For instance, if you really like a particular dress for its V-neckline, then look for shirts, sweaters and other garments that also have a V-neckline. Over time, you’ll develop an eye and be able to quickly spot things that will flatter you.

6. Play up your favorite features.

Most women have at least one body part they love or something about their appearance that they want to play up, whether it’s their curves or their long legs. Think about your appearance and what your favorite features are and then choose garments that will spotlight those features. For instance, if you really want to show off your cleavage, then select shirts and dresses with a deeper neckline that will reveal a little more of your curves. If you’re not sure what garments will highlight your favorite features, then try on a bunch of different clothes from your closet to see which ones make your body look the best.

7. Get familiar with your personal style.

Your personal preferences are a huge part of feeling confident when you dress. If you love what you’re wearing, even if it doesn’t follow traditional fashion advice, then you’re going to feel great about yourself and what you’re wearing. Pay attention to what you’re drawn to and what’s an immediate turnoff. Maybe you really love solid jewel tones and really hate ruffles, or adore lace trim but won’t wear wide legged pants. Over time, you’ll build up an understanding of what you’ll wear and what you won’t, and you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether an outfit fits with your personal style or not.

Anyone can dress with confidence, no matter how they look or what their style is. As you come to learn more about your body type and skin tone, you’ll be empowered to choose clothing that makes you feel great. Follow these seven tips to start dressing with confidence and to feel amazing about yourself.

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