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Rejection Can Shift To Redirection


Whenever we feel rejected by someone we often view it as a personal attack on our character, the way we look, or just ourselves as a whole. We really must step back and allow ourselves to know that rejection is complex, it is not black and white. It usually has more to do with the other person and less to do with ourselves. It’s usually a sign that the person we feel is rejecting us is actually not able to continue with us on our path.


Often times the people closest to you, the ones you’ve known the longest and loved the most, are the very people that will not transition with you, they are the ones that will not except your growth. It’s the hardest thing in the world to let go of people you love, but if they are not willing to support you and love you as you grow, then it’s time to move on. Be grateful for what you had, but continue moving forward on your path. It takes courage to evolve, it takes strength to grow, and it takes an enormous amount of love to let go.


“It sucks to be


It sucks to have

a broken spirit…







THAT’S WHO I AM.” .¨mb

I love this quote by the inspirational motivational speaker Torian Salary, it kinda says it all:


“They said I changed. Maybe… They were just jealous because they didn’t change. Maybe… They were ASHAMED because they didn’t change. Maybe. they were DISAPPOINTED they remained the same. Yeah I changed. Like anyone with ambition remains the same!? Yeah I changed. I changed everything but my name. I wasn’t born a miracle to be average. I have no desire to fit in. No desire to conform to anyones wishes. But I have every desire to improve myself. Every day, every hour, every minute. They will say you didn’t make time for them. Maybe they weren’t worth your time. They laughed at my dreams & goals. Maybe. They were embarrassed because they didn’t have any. Maybe their dreams were nightmares. Maybe their lives were a horror story. They said I was arrogant. Maybe. They just hated my ambition. Maybe. They were to ashamed they had none themselves..” — Torian Salary


“It’s very difficult

to open your heart…

When your heart has

an open sign on it…

It means it’s open for

positive and negative…

It’s very important to

protect your heart

while still remaining

open to spread love.





There is a brightly colored thread that weaves through my heart and connects me to humanity, the universe, and ultimately to God. This connection empowers me, enlightens me, and transforms me into a more compassionate and loving being with a knowing heart and a sensitive nature. I’m determined to be better and do more to effectively give and receive…every life that I encounter is a life God planted in my path for a reason. Not everyone is meant to stay, but I’m open to receive and learn from every life that touches mine.


“As we work to create light for others,

we naturally light our own path.” -mb


Next time your stressed, take a step back, inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you’re here. You’re never given more than you can’t handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself, and love others. Always remember, keep moving forward from your heart and you will always be on the right path.


Photo Credit Olia Gozha via Unsplash



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